2017Operation Linebacker II Commences
1916End of Battle of Verdun
1620Mayflower Arrives in Plymouth
1620Mayflower Docks at Plymouth Harbor
2011United States Withdraws from Iraq
1941Battle of Hong Kong Begins
1941Battle of Hong Kong Ends
1941Husband Kimmel Relieved of Command
1946First Indochina War Begins Between France, Viet Minh
1897'Yes, Virigina, There Is a Santa Claus' Published
This Day in History: December 18

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1944World War II: Battle of the Bulge
1944World War II: Battle of the Bulge
1960Park Slope Air Disaster
1773Boston Tea Party
1998U.S. House Recommends Impeaching Clinton
1998House of Representative Recommends Clinton Impeachment
1861Prince Albert Dies
1978U.S. Will Recognize PRC
1978U.S. Announces It Will Recognize PRC
1944Waffen-SS Perpetrate Malmedy Massacre
This Day in History: December 15

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