1941If Hitler Had Never Declared War on U.S.
1941Germany Declares War on U.S.
1942Operation Winter Storm Launched Near Stalingrad
1936Kng Edward VIII Abdicates Throne
2007Boston's Big Dig Completed
1898Treat of Paris Ends Spanish-American War
2000Supreme Court Renders Decision on Bush v. Gore
1901First Nobel Prizes Awarded
1972Watergate Scandal Breaks
This Day in History: December 11

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1914Battle of Falkland Islands
1775When America Tried to Invade Canada
1987Inside First Intifada
1881Vienna's Ring Theater Fire
1941Germany Declares War on United States
1961Trial of Adolf Eichmann Ends
1993U.S. Raids Somalia
1950McCarthy Assaults Journalist
1949Chiang Kai-shek Leaves China for Taiwan
This Day in History: December 8
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