December 26, 2011

Washington Turns Tide at Battle of Trenton

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The closing months of 1776 had been dire for George Washington and the Continental Army. Most recently, the losses of forts Washington and Lee had been followed by a hasty retreat across New Jersey with the army of Lord Cornwallis in close pursuit. In early December, the Americans found temporary safety by crossing the Delaware River into Pennsylvania; those boats not used in the evacuation were destroyed, making it impossible for the British to follow until ice formed. Washington’s army had lost more than half of its men to illness, desertion and enlistment expirations. Faltering morale received a badly needed boost from Thomas Paine, who was serving as a volunteer aide; the stirring words of his pamphlet The Crisis were read to the soldiers on Washington's...

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May 12, 2012
Britain's Greatest Foe? George Washington
Ted Thornhill, Daily Mail
 George Washington has been voted 'Britain’s Greatest Enemy Commander' in the National Army Museum’s nationwide poll.After months of fierce online voting, in which Napoleon, Rommel, Collins, Atatürk and... more ››