February 24, 2012

Eyewitness to an Impending Doom

Mike Rutherford, Air Disaster


It certainly was interesting!




The sheer size of the hole in United Airlines 811 can be seen in this photograph.I was originally booked on the same flight 24 hours previously but due to a work colleague's wife becoming sick back home (Auckland, New Zealand) he swapped tickets with me (he was due to fly the next day after me). When I went to check in United ground check in staff were not going to let me on as the ticketed name was not in my name. I put on a bit of a fuss so they relented (in hindsight, not a good move!).


The flight left late at night (if my memory serves me correctly it was about midnight). I was seated in a window seat approximately 10 rows behind business class. The take off and climb out...

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