March 17, 2012

Why Tito Split from Stalin

Ted Grant, Socialist Appeal

The sensational expulsion of the Yugoslavian Communist Party from the Cominform(1) and the open breach between Moscow and Belgrade has aroused a lively discussion in the ranks of the working class. What lies behind these sensational events? That is the question everyone is asking. Only political children accept the statement issued by the Cominform as to the basis of the dispute.


Whatever it is, however, it must be of tremendous importance for the Stalinists to precipitate the open breach which amounts to a considerable diplomatic and political set-back.


The conflict will undoubtedly have wide repercussions in the Communist Parties on an international scale. It marks a new stage in the development of international Stalinism which must be closely...

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TAGGED: Soviet Union, Yugoslavia


May 9, 2012
How China Got Its Stealth Technology
Peter Lee, Asia Times
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May 9, 2012
Chinese Embassy Bombing Not a Mistake
Michael Sheridan, NY Post
The memoir is reported to say that Jiang acceded to a personal plea from Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian leader, to shelter key military intelligence personnel, and that 14 Serbs and three Chinese citizens died there when US... more ››
May 9, 2012
Victory Day's Role in Post-Soviet Russia
Andrei Zubov, Valdai
Why does VE Day matter so much in post-Soviet Russia? One obvious reason is that the triumph over Nazi Germany in WWII is the only victory relevant to the entire nation that can act as a unifying force.  Of course,... more ››
May 17, 2012
Hellman: Unrepentant Stalinist to End
Ron Capshaw, RealClearHistory
Today, the academic left is in a cultural lag. For them, it is forever the 1970s, when Nixon was the clarifying enemy and the Old Left benefited from a cultural rehabilitation. Never one to sit on the unfashionable sidelines,... more ››
May 12, 2012
Wehrmacht Pushes Red Army to Brink
Peter Chen, WWII Database
As the German attack on Moscow, Russia was thwarted, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin called for a major counteroffensive. His closest advisers disagreed and urged for a more defensive posture, thus Stalin held back his demands, only... more ››