August 1, 2012

Augustus' Legacy for Roman Empire

UNRV History, UNRV History

The contribution of Augustus to the consolidation and stabilization of the 'Empire' from a governing and military perspective was immense, but the legacy of the man is perhaps best exemplified in his contribution to public works and infrastructure. While Augustus was a necessity to the success of the new imperial government, veiled as a continuation of Republican ideals, without his other contributions, its continuing success may have been in jeopardy. His reinstitution of conservative policy and wide scale public improvements helped to not only bring Rome out of the ashes of a century of civil war, but established Augustus as the unassailable and unchallenged ruler of the Roman world for nearly half a century.


Legislation was introduced under Augustus that (according...

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Constantine was born in Naissus, Upper Moesia, on 27 February in roughly AD 285. Another account places the year at about AD 272 or 273.He was the son of Helena, an inn keeper's daughter, and Constantius Chlorus. It is unclear if... more ››
July 20, 2012
Romans Crush Jewish Revolt
Joseph Telushkin, Jewish Virtual Library
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July 19, 2012
Nero's Fire and Christian Persecution
M.B. Synge, Heritage History
It has been said, and perhaps it is true, that the emperor was mad at times and not responsible for all he did. Be this as it may, the year 64 was marked by a terrible fire in Rome, which lasted nearly a week and left a great... more ››