RealClearHistory Morning Edition

Crusaders Beats Back Saladin - Stephen Dafoe, Templar History
Glorious Reign of the Leper King - Michael Whitcraft, Free Republic
MacKenzie Avenges Custer at Powder River - Texas St. Historical Assn.
Missionary Ridge Victory Secures Chattanooga - History of War
Revolt That Gave Birth to Gitmo - Jonathan Hansen, Command Post
An Eternal Flame for Kennedy - Jack Maguire, Treasury of Texas Tales
Truth About 'Hollywood Ten' - Spencer Warren, Claremont Institute
From Fort Duquesne to Modern-Day Pittsburgh - U.S. History
Greece's Dark Days Under Papadopoulos - Eric Pace, New York Times
Roberto Duran Wanted 'No Mas' - James Slater, East Side Boxing