RealClearHistory Morning Edition

Pearl Harbor Day's Untold Story - Elizabeth McIntosh, Washington Post
Japan's Miscalculation Seals Own Doom - Jim Lacey, National Review
Dogged Survivors Put Names to Ship's Dead - Audrey McAvoy, AP
How MacArthur Led Comeback - Jeffrey Anderson, Weekly Standard
What John Lennon Did on His Last Day - David Edwards, Daily Mirror
English Kicker's Eternal Link to Famous Beatle - Jeff Ausiello, ESPN
Mark Chapman: Agent of Death - Fred McGunagle, Crime Library
Triumph at Karachi: Indian Navy's Finest Hour - J G Nadkarni, Rediff
Why Bolts Don't Cause a Plane to Crash - Bill Dedman, MSNBC
King Gustav V's No Nazi Sympathizer - Mad Monarchist