December 21, 2012

Patton: The Warrior, Myth and Legacy

Alan Axelrod, Command Post

On September 28, 1945, Eisenhower summoned Patton to his headquarters in the IG Farben Building in Frankfurt. After a heated exchange among Patton, Eisenhower, and Bedell Smith, Eisenhower quietly, even gently, made what he carefully termed a suggestion. The so-called Fifteenth Army—really nothing more than a small headquarters and staff—had been formed to compile the history of the war in Europe. It was an important job, Eisenhower insisted, and the Fifteenth required a good commanding general. He asked Patton to take charge. Patton’s first impulse was to resign his commission on the spot, but he held his tongue. Perhaps it was his love of history and the opportunity to exercise come control over how the history of the war would be written—whatever his reasons, he decided...

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October 23, 2013
Sun Sets on Japan Over Leyte Gulf
Tim Lanzendorfer, The Pacific War
 The four-day battle of Leyte Gulf  in October 1944 marked the eclipse of Imperial Japanese naval power, the last sortie in force of the Imperial Navy, and the largest naval battle ever fought on the face of the earth. It was... more ››
October 22, 2013
Moquet: A French Communist and Patriot?
Bruce Crumpley, Time
Reaction to French President Nicolas Sarkozy's attempt to honor the memory of an executed Resistance fighter speaks volumes about his relationship with French society: half the country applauded the move whereas the other half... more ››
October 22, 2013
Serbia's Sorrow at Kragujevac
Carl Savich, Free Republic
In the summer of 1941, Serbian guerrillas launched an uprising in central Serbia against the German occupation. The Serbian uprising spread and increased in intensity threatening the German military occupation of Serbia and... more ››
October 23, 2013
Halsey: Hero, Near Goat, in Greatest Naval Fight
Battle of Leyte Gulf
When Vice Admiral William F. Halsey entered Pearl Harbor one day after the calamitous Japanese raid, the stench of smoke from oil fires and dead bodies filled the air. From the bridge of the aircraft carrier Enterprise, Halsey... more ››
October 23, 2013
Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Warfare
Uri Noy, 2 World War 2
Japan's Kamikaze pilots and their suicide attacks on American warships in the last year of World War 2, remain one of the most terrorizing memories of this war. As I write this essay, three years after terrorist suicide pilots... more ››