January 14, 2013

The Greatest Undefeated Seasons in Sports

Jeff Merron, ESPN

Stanford's miracle finish to beat Arizona on Saturday kept the Cardinal undefeated in men's college hoops, matching Saint Joseph's perfect 20-0 start. On the women's side, there are no undefeated Division I teams in the top 25. And in college football, we had a season with no perfect Division I records.


We haven't seen an undefeated top-level men's college team since the 1976 Indiana squad. As the seasons get longer and top players leave early for the pros, we see fewer and fewer truly dominating teams. Will the Cardinal or Hawks complete the 2003-04 season undefeated and then win the NCAA Tournament? It's seems unlikely.

If they do, they might be able to elbow their way onto Page 2's list of the top 10 undefeated teams of all time:

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