RealClearHistory Morning Edition

In Defense of Joe McCarthy - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
McCarthy's 'Red Scare' in Hindsight - Ted Morgan, Claremont Institute
Adams, Jackson and Corrupt Bargain - Patrick Spero, RealClearHistory
A Most Contentious Presidential Election - Miller Center
Harrison's Short Reign in Washington - Gail Collins, Command Post
Jefferson Davis' Lost Legacy - Elizabeth Crisp, USA Today
Putting Brakes on Japan's War Machine - Peter Antill, History of War
A Forgotten Massacre in South Korea - Chun Su-jin, JoongAng Daily
Ehime Maru Opens Old Wounds - Maeda Tetsuo, Japan in the World
Sylmar: L.A.'s First Big Quake - Kevin Modesti, Los Angeles Daily News