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Fidel Castro: A Despotic Monster - Humberto Fontova, Front Page Mag
Cuba's 50 Years of Poverty and Death - Gerald Warner, The Telegraph
Birth of 'Unconditional Surrender' Grant - Jim Jobe, Civil War Trust
Nathan Bedford Forrest: Genius on Horseback - Son of the South
Demjanjuk Trial: For Justice or a Farce? - Scott Raab, Esquire
The Persecution of John Demjanjuk - Patrick Buchanan, Human Events
Inside the Mind of Hezbollah - Robin Wright, Washington Post
Will Elizabeth Be the Last Monarch? - Tim Stanley, The New Republic
Who Won NHL's Epic Lockout? - Paul Staudohar, Monthly Labor Review
Eastern Seaboard's Worst February Storms - Jonathan Erdman, TWC
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