July 27, 2013

Did Van Gogh Actually Shoot Himself?

Daniel Bates, Daily Mail

The Vincent van Gogh story is that the poverty-stricken and unappreciated artist took his own life with a shot to the chest.

But, more than a century on, two American writers have cast doubt on his suicide and instead claim he was shot dead by a teenager.

Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith claim that Van Gogh was fatally wounded by a friend’s teenage brother who enjoyed  teasing and provoking the mentally ill artist.

During a confrontation in the French town of Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890, the boy somehow opened fire with a gun.

They also outline another theory, that Van Gogh was shot by two local boys who were playing with a malfunctioning pistol.

Naifeh and Smith, who won a Pulitzer Prize for their biography  of U.S. artist Jackson Pollock, spent...

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