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Tuesday, April 21
Adolf Hitler's Inconspicuous Birth - Philip Gavin, History Place
Hitler's 50th Birthday in Color Photos - Ben Cosgrove, Life
The Final Days of Adolf Hitler - Rob Broomby, BBC News
Red Baron: Great War's Greatest Pilot - Stephen Sherman, Ace Pilots
Inside the Red Baron's Mind - Peter Tyson, PBS
Korean Air's First Deadly Encounter With USSR - Code 7700
Revere's Midnight Run? Try William Dawes - Caleb E. Smith, Historiat
The Truth About Columbine - Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian
Deepwater Horizon v. Exxon Valdez - Katherine Unger, Wildlife Society
10 Greatest Moments in Fenway History - Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
Monday, April 20
Making Sense of Robert E. Lee - Roy Blount Jr., Smithsonian
The Darker Truth About Timothy McVeigh - Gore Vidal, Vanity Fair
Janet Reno's Dept. of Injustice - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
OKC Bombing's Unsightly Legacy - W. Joseph Campbell, 1995 Blog
The Trial of a Homegrown Terrorist - Douglas Linder, UMKC
House of 'Sinful Messiah' - England & McCormick, FW Star-Telegram
First Shots on Road to Independence - John Rickard, History of War
Revere's Ride: Shoddy History, Great Literature - John Miller, WSJ
Warsaw Ghetto Fighters' Courageous Uprising - Holocaust Museum
USS Iowa's Deadly Final Shot - Joel Mundt, Today's History Lesson
Saturday, April 18
Doolittle Brings War to Japan - Edward Oxford, American History Mag
80 Brave Men: Roster of Doolittle Raiders - Doolittle Raider
Roosevelt Kept Quiet About Raid - Ben Wolfgang, Washington Times
Yamamoto: Architect of Pearl Harbor - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Roland Garros: Aviator and Inventor - Michael Duffy, First World War
What If S.F. Quake Hit Today? - Kate Ravilious, National Geographic
How Chinatown Beat Back Relocation - Ralph Henn, San Francisco Mag
The Trial of Martin Luther - Douglas Linder, UMKC
The Dawn of Islamic Terror Against America - Diane Dillard, ADST
Death of the House That Ruth Built - Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated
Friday, April 17
How Close U.S. Came to War With Cuba - Robert Dallek, Newsweek
JFK's Bay of Pigs Blunder - Thomas Craughwell, History News Network
Error, Hype and Media's Bay of Pigs - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Was There a Second Shooter Who Killed RFK? - Daily Mail
Dawn of Japan's Dominance of Asia - Sarah Paine, Naval War College
Sowing the Seed for Murky Taiwan Question - Taiwan Basic
Phnom Penh's Fall and Ensuing Bloodbath - Dan Fletcher, Time
Pol Pot: Life of Cambodia's Tyrant - BBC News
The Year of Four Roman Emperors - UNRV History
Top 10 Strangest Wars in History - Listverse
Thursday, April 16
German Collapse on Eastern Front - Peter Chen, World War II Database
Red Army Makes Last Push for Berlin - James McGhee, Military History
McClellan Failure at Lee's Mill - John Rickard, History of War
Masada: A Fortress of Jewish Defiance - Jewish Virtual Library
My Enduring Fascination With Titanic - James Cameron, Der Spiegel
Did the Moon Help Sink Titanic? - Rolando Pujol, New York Daily News
No, the Moon Did Not Sink Titanic - Lane Wallace, The Atlantic
Texas City's Deadly Blast - Mark Pandanell, Texas City Firefighters
Dr. Kevorkian: The Agent of Death - Jack Lessenberry, Vanity Fair
The Making of Virginia Tech Killer - Daniel Golden, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, April 15
Sobering Reason for Titanic Tragedy - Chris Berg, Wall Street Journal
Why 'Californian' Failed Titanic - Dave Nitzer, Titanic & Mystery Ship
Men of Titanic: Heroes or Cowards? - Sarah Boesveld, National Post
Titanic: A High-Tech Marvel of Its Time - Sharon Gaudin, PC World
Titanic Still Unsinkable Even Now - Daniel Mendelsohn, New Yorker
Lincoln Was Civil War's Top Casualty - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
John Wilkes Booth and the Conspiracy - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Dissecting Lincoln's Murder - Jeffrey Williams, This Week in Civil War
Will North Korea Pick On U.S. Again? - Mark Sauter, RealClearHistory
Robinson Did It His Way ... With Courage - Richard Justice,
Tuesday, April 14
Hitler, Stalin and the Bloodlands - Timothy Snyder, NY Review of Books
Stalin's Killing Fields in Katyn Forest - Benjamin Fischer, CIA
Historians in Denial Over Soviet Atrocities - Adam Scrupski, HNN
CIA's Obsession With 'Manchurian Candidate' - Kim Zetter, Wired
6 Surprising Facts About Gagarin Flight - Amanda Schupak, Fox News
Apollo 13 Disaster: NASA's Finest Hour - White Eagle Aerospace History
Bloodbath Greets Israel's Founding - IsraCast
Glorious History of Handel's Messiah - Jonathan Kandell, Smithsonian
Sidney Poitier: Actor, Artist, Thinker, Humanitarian - PBS
Top 10 Greatest Warriors in History - Loni Perry, TopTenz
Monday, April 13
The Huge Secret About FDR's Death - Brian Bethune, Macleans
How Sick Was FDR at Yalta? - Boat Against the Current
Civil War's 1st Shot at Fort Sumter - Richard Hatcher, Civil War Trust
Who's to Blame for Civil War's Opening Shot? - Washington Post
Lincoln's Difficult Transition to Presidency - The Lincoln Institute
4th Crusade: Christian Civil War - Richard Robinson, Military History
Obama's Red Herring on Crusades - Pete Alwinson, US News
The Trial of Galileo Galilei - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Vimy Ridge: Canada's Finest Hour on a Battlefield - Canada at War
The Fall of Phnom Penh to Khmer Rouge - John Gunther Dean, ADST
Saturday, April 11
Truman Sacks MacArthur to Stop WWIII - Robert Schlesinger, US News
MacArthur's Firing and the Nuclear Bomb - Bruce Cumings, HNN
Matthew Ridgway's Finest Hour - Jerry Morelock, Armchair General
Top 10 United States Generals - Miss Cellania, Neatorama
Nazi Death and Terror at Buchenwald - Holocaust Museum
Enough With Holocaust Comparisons - Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post
What Germany Owes the Jews - David Horovitz, Times of Israel
How Eichmann Trial Changed Justice - Deborah Lipstadt, Daily Beast
Historians Schilling for Hitler - Charles Taylor, Salon
Elba and Napoleon: An Unlikely History - Leif Pettersen, Lonely Planet

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