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Tuesday, August 30
German Destruction of Tsar's Army - Michael Duffy, First World War
Monument to Hindenburg's Triumph - Peter Gessner, Univ. of Buffalo
Lenin Survives, Unleashes Red Terror - Russel Tarr, History Today
The Rise of Soviet Secret Police - John Simkin, Spartacus Educational
Failed Assassins Who Changed History - Jacopo Quercia, Cracked
Mythology and Reality of Cleopatra - Amy Crawford, Smithsonian
Massive Naval Battle Beckons Ming Dynasty - Joshua Gilbert, MHO
2nd Manassas Yields Bloody Reality - Steve Vogel, Washington Post
U.S. Collusion With Al-Qaeda in Bosnia - P.D. Scott, Global Research
Causeway Refuses to Give Up 'Longest' Title - Bob Warren,
Monday, August 29
Seven Years' War: First Global Conflict - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
Loss of Opium War Destroys China's Prestige - Cultural China
Atahualpa: The Last King of Inca - Christopher Minster,
Gaddafis' Gilded Lives Revealed - A. Shadid & K. Fahim, NY Times
How Tripoli Was Won - Clemens Hoges, Der Spiegel
Cold War's Nuclear Cost and Legacy - Atomic Archive
Gemini V: America Wins Endurance Record - Astronautix
Katrina and Journalistic Distortion - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
10 Most Expensive Hurricanes in U.S. History - CNBC
In San Francisco, the Beatles' Last Concert - The Beatles Bible
Saturday, August 27
Inside USSR's Surprising End - James Collins, Carnegie Endowment
Partitioning the Soviet Legacy - Sergey Markedonov, National Interest
10 Most Crucial Political Conventions - Kenneth Davis, Smithsonian
Chicago Riot Left Impression on Political Protests - Ina Jaffe, NPR
Union Army No Match for Lee at Manassas - Jeffry Wert, History Net
Strom Thurmond's Record-Setting Filibuster - Associated Press
Drafting MLK's 'Dream' Speech - Clarence Jones, Washington Post
Pepsi's Meteoric Rise from Bankruptcy - Soda Museum
Princess Diana's Final Heartbreak - Tina Brown, Vanity Fair
Pilot Error Turns Deadly at Air Show - Daniel Dumas, Wired
Friday, August 26
Julius Caesar's British Adventure - Brenda Ralph Lewis, British Heritage
Longbow Wins Supremacy at Crecy - Kennedy Hickman,
Decline and Fall of the French Language - Gary Girod, New Geography
Did FDR Provoke War With Japan? - Robert Higgs, The Freeman
Black Hawk War: Wisconsin's Forgotten Conflict - U.S. History
Bitter Defeat for George Washington - John Mackenzie, British Battles
What Mountbatten Did for India - Ramachandra Guha, The Hindu
Warlord's Revenge in Somalia - Benjamin Runkle, History Reader
How a Plane Took Off from Wrong Runway - John Nance, ABC News
Top 10 Shortest Wars in History - Jamie Frater, Listverse
Thursday, August 25
The German Officer Who Saved Paris - Kelly Bell, World War II Mag
Life in Paris After Liberation - Douglas MacArthur II, ADST
America's Role in Freeing Paris - Martin Blumenson, World War II
Symbolism of Paris' Liberation - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
John Birch: First Martyr of Cold War - Steve Bonta, Reformed Theology
Father of China's Hawaiian Roots - William Zanella, SYS Hawaii
Jobs Isn't Edison or Disney ... He's Jesus - Lucas Shaw, The Wrap
Are Voyagers About Out of Reach? - Miriam Kramer, Popular Mechanics
Neil Armstrong: A Reluctant Hero of the Past - Gene Seymour, CNN
The Original Great Moon Hoax - Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian
Wednesday, August 24
Why America Never Fought Canada Again - Peter Jones, Globe & Mail
Saving Declaration of Independence - Ryan L. Cole, RealClearHistory
Revealing Truth Behind Soviet Collapse - Christian Neef, Der Spiegel
25 Years Later, Many Russians Miss USSR - Seth Mydans, NY Times
Visigoths and Nearing End for Rome - Richard Cavendish, History Today
Vandals Rampage and Maraude Through Europe - Heritage History
Why Pluto Is No Longer a Planet - Fraser Cain, Universe Today
Hurricane Andrew: 'Like an A-Bomb in Florida' - Greg Allen, NPR
A History of Great Hurricane Distruction - Our Amazing Planet
Pete Rose Will Never Enter Hall of Fame - Jayson Stark, ESPN
Tuesday, August 23
The Night Stalin and Hitler Divided Europe - Robert Coalson, RFERL
When Evil Tyrants Make a Deal - Timothy Snyder, The Guardian
Nazi-Soviet Pact's Bitter Legacy Remains - Brian Whitmore, RFERL
Putin Right to Defend Nazi Pact? - Alexander Mercouris, Russia Insider
JFK vs. Nixon on Fighting China - Robert Norris, American Diplomacy
The Crisis That Shaped U.S.'s Taiwan Policy - Global Security
Cartier's Voyages in North America - Chronicles of America
Napoleon's Adventures in Egypt - John Rickard, History of War
Pre-Israel Massacre of Jews in Holy Land - Jewish Virtual Library
Children as Inadvertent Casualties of War - Andy Johnson, BBC
Monday, August 22
Britain's History of Violence and Cruelty - Christopher Hitchens, Slate
England's Century of Bloodshed and Chaos - Mark Stoyle, BBC
Michael Collins: Ireland's Beloved Patriot - Dana Green, MHO
The IRA Ambush That Killed Collins - James O'Shea, Irish Central
How de Gaulle's Car Saved His Life - Patrick George, Jalopnik
How Japan Justified Korea Annexation - Mark Caprio, Japan Focus
A Return of Korea's Lost Treasures - Donald Macintyre, Time
The Worst Thing Clinton Has Ever Done - Peter Edelman, The Atlantic
Beating Britain on the High Seas - Alfred Loomis, American Heritage
Why Nolan Ryan Is Overrated - Rob Neyer, ESPN
Saturday, August 20
Hundred Days That Finished Germany - John Rickard, History of War
USSR's Collapse Was a Morality Play - Leon Aron, Foreign Policy
Gorbachev's Ambiguous Legacy - C. Neef & M. Schepp, Der Spiegel
Nat Turner's Children of Darkness - Stephen Oates, American Heritage
Missouri Ruffians' Brutal Lawrence Massacre - J.S. Broughton, PBS
A Bloody Shootout at Ruby Ridge - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Marcos Blamed for Aquino Killing - Barbara Mae Dacanay, Gulf News
James Cook Claims Continent for Crown - Australian Government
Hawaii's Surreal Journey to Statehood - Paul Theroux, New York Times
Top 10 Most Stunning Art Thefts - Harriet Williams, Huffington Post

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