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Tuesday, August 4
How Germany Could've Won WWI - Michael Peck, National Interest
Truth and Tragedy of the Great War - David Stevenson, Observer
Assassination to Guns of August - Michael Duffy, First World War
World War I: Disaster for European Jews - Berel Wein, Jewish History
How Hitler Became Fuhrer of Third Reich - Philip Gavin, History Place
Tiberius' Uncertain Reign of Roman Empire - UNRV History
Why New World Eluded Columbus - Edmund Morgan, Smithsonian
When Japanese Terror Strikes in Malaysia - Robert Dillon, ADST
Ahmadinejad's Unlikely Path to Power - Global Security
Black Sox and Baseball's Innocence Lost - Douglas Goetsch, Am. Scholar
Monday, August 3
Desert Storm: Last Classic War - Richard Haass, Wall Street Journal
Saddam Offers His Rationale for Kuwait Invasion - Gulf News
Chambers Blows Lid Off Communist Spying - Francis P. Sempa, RCH
JFK: Hero or Goat in PT Boat Disaster? - Thomas Fleming, MHQ
President Harding's Steamy Love Letters to Mistress - Power Players
Hannibal Menaces Rome in Second Punic War - UNRV History
Triumph and Tragedy of Explorer Henry Hudson - Biography
Building 1st Tube Subway - Andy Emmerson, Subterranea Britannica
How Cable Car Climbs Its Iconic Hills - Andrew Tarantola, Gizmodo
Mother Nature Strikes Delta Flight - Chris Kilroy, Air Disaster
Saturday, August 1
Why Warsaw Uprising Failed - John Radzilowski, WWII Database
Another British Betrayal of Poland - Norman Davies, Polish Resistance
Anglo-German Victory in Year of Miracles - British Battles
How Britain and Ireland Came Together - Allan Macinnes, BBC News
Britain Leads Move to Abolish Slavery - Marjie Bloy, Victorian Web
Augustus' Legacy for Roman Empire - UNRV History
Mutiny Lights Fuse for China's Civil War - Ah Xiang, Republican China
Protecting Skies from Mountain Top - Kirk Johnson, New York Times
Worst Bridge Collapses in Last 100 Years - Time
Ex-Marine's Bloody Rampage in Texas - Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly
Friday, July 31
Why Jews Were Expelled From Spain - Kevin Knight, New Advent
Torquemada: Man Behind Inquisition - J.T. Didymus, Eye on Spain
Spanish Inquisition's Genetic Legacy - Ewen Callaway, New Scientist
The Legend of 'Stab-in-the-Back' - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
Germany: From Weimar to Hitler - Paul Bookbinder, Facing History
Hitler's Triumph at the Ballot Box - Philip Gavin, History Place
Ypres: Victory Recedes to Stalemate - Michael Duffy, First World War
How British Army Took Back Northern Ireland - Derry Journal
Dafoe: An Original Journalist - Steve King, Today in Literature
K-2: The Killing Peak - Matthew Power, Men's Journal
Thursday, July 30
USS Indianapolis' Surreal Final Trip - Lewis Haynes, U.S. Navy
Was McVay to Blame for Sinking? - Wayland Mayo, B-29s Over Korea
Survivor Recounts Brutal Shark Attack - Amy Hunter, Herald Courier
Fate of Japanese Captain Who Sank Indy - USS Indianapolis
Latest on Hoffa Demise: Woodchipper - Murray Weiss, DNA Info
Why Are We So Obsessed With Jimmy Hoffa? - Alan Greenblatt, NPR
Chaos Beyond the Crater - Emmanuel Dabney, Hallowed Ground
Where Did 'In God We Trust' Come From? - Department of Treasury
Is There a Michigan Flag on Moon? - Leah Graboski, Michigan Daily
Why Do Countries Drive on the Right or Left? - World Standards
Wednesday, July 29
Robespierre: An Enigmatic Villain - Marisa Linton, History Today
Did Guillotine's Invention Cause More Heads to Roll? - History Wiz
Hosting Games for a Shattered World - Jim Coyle, Toronto Star
London's Cheap and Profitable Olympics - Larry Elliott, The Guardian
Engineering Marvel: How Channel Tunnel Was Built - EuroTunnel
Massive Quake That Shook Up China - Graham Earnshaw, Telegraph
An Aftershock 36 Years Later? - Josh Chin, Wall Street Journal
When Bomber Strikes Empire State Building - Joe Richman, NPR
'Cleopatra of Secession' as a Spy - Mary Lou Groh, Civil War Trust
The Woman Who Doomed Fairy Tale Marriage - Laura Barton, Slate
Tuesday, July 28
What If Germans Had Won Great War? - Martin Kettle, The Guardian
Top 10 Battles of World War I - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
The Great War: A History in Photos - Alan Taylor, The Atlantic
10 Worst Military Leaders in History - Jeff Danelek, TopTenz
Beating Invincible Rommel at Alamein - Peter Chen, WWII Database
What If North Had Won Korean War - Andrei Lankov, Asia Times
A Glimpse of the 'Forgotten Conflict' - Abigail Tucker, Smithsonian
Why Chicago Went Up in Flames - Walter White, History Matters
How Eric Rudolph Evaded Authorities - Patrik Jonsson, CS Monitor
Richard Jewell's Olympic Nightmare - Marie Brenner, Vanity Fair
Monday, July 27
From Nazis' V-2 Rocket to Space Age - Owen Edwards, Smithsonian
How Allies Found Peenemunde and Hitler's WMDs - Global Security
Lincoln's Troubles With McClellan - Ethan Rafuse, McClellan’s War
The Rise and Fall of George McClellan - Encyclopedia Virginia
The Storied History of U.S. Postal Service - Time
Ben Franklin vs. the Age of Obama - Jarrett Stepman, Human Events
The Legacy of CIA's Founding Fathers - Tim Weiner, NPR
How Castro Got Started in Cuba - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
ADA: Expensive, Coercive, Bad Law - Walter Olson, Cato Institute
Did Van Gogh Actually Shoot Himself? - Daniel Bates, Daily Mail
Saturday, July 25
Confederacy Wasn't About States' Rights - Timothy S. Huebner, RCH
Civil War No Source of Pride for South - Jeff Schweitzer, Huffington Post
What Lincoln Meant to the Slaves - Steven Hahn, New York Times
Constantine: Rome's Great Christian Emperor - Roman Empire
The Imperfect Union of England and Scotland - Allan Macinnes, BBC
Bermuda: Born of a Shipwreck - Keith Archibald Forbes, Bermuda Online
Legend of Mexico's Robin Hood - Maggie Van Ostrand , Mex Connect
How Puerto Rico Became American - Mark Barnes, Span-Am War
Almost a Republic of Newfoundland - Frank Jacobs, New York Times
How Concorde Flight Met Its Doom - David Rose, The Observer

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