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Wednesday, April 1
U.S.'s Last World War II Campaign - Eric Hammel, WWII Magazine
Hitler's Comfortable Stay in Prison - Jan Friedmann, Der Spiegel
Whither 'Mein Kampf' Royalties - Jay Worthington, Cabinet Magazine
American Pilot's View of Hainan Incident - Shane Osborn, PBS
Perry: Man Who Blew Open Japan's Door - Ben Griffiths, Grifworld
Crown Colony Singapore Under British Rule - Country Studies
The Masterpiece's Architect - Karen Plumley, Paris Eiffel Tower News
Mystery of April Fools Tsunami Deepens - Sarah Davidson, Live Science
The Death of Knute Rockne - Jerry Brondfield, Irish Legends
5 Most Outrageous April Fool's Hoaxes - Becky Little, National Geographic
Tuesday, March 31
Reagan Was Closer to Death Than We Knew - Bob Schieffer, CBS News
What Changed After Reagan's Shooting - Alan Silverleib, CNN
Troubled John Hinckley and His Trial - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Al Haig's Unfortunate Moment of Being 'In Charge' - ADST
Paris Falls as Napoleon Exiled - Eric Niderost, Military History Online
Seward's Folly: A Son's View - Frederick Seward, University of Rochester
William Seward, Beyond Alaska - Mr. Lincoln and Friends
The Long, Simmering Missouri-Kansas Bad Blood - PBS
Reflection on China's Puppet Regime - Margherita Zanasi, Japan Focus
Top Ten Traitors in History - Heather Matthews, TopTenz
Monday, March 30
How Nixon Set Up Saigon to Fall - Ken Hughes, History News Network
U.S.'s Quiet Exit From Vietnam - Joseph Treaster, New York Times
Appomattox: Final Battle of Civil War - Encyclopedia Virginia
The Enlightened Despot - Anders Moberg, Swedish Heart and Soul
From Hyphen War to Velvet Divorce - Hoover Institution
Manson's Followers Still Haunted by Horrors - MSNBC
How Pemberton Made Coke World Famous - Idea Finder
Is This Really Coke's 'Secret Formula'? - William Lee Adams, Time
The Colts' Midnight Run Out of Baltimore - Nick Sibilia, Forbes
Top 10 Sports Franchise Relocations - Samuel Chi & Brian Colella, RCS
Saturday, March 28
Crimea War Sets Russia on Road of Decline - Andrew Lambert, BBC
Crimea: A Political Prize for History's Conquerers - IBN Live
Florence Nightingale and Crimea War - Understanding Uncertainty
Pertinax's 87-Day Reign Comes to Grisly End - UNRV History
Marx's Inspiration from Paris Commune - C.L.R. James, Labor Action
Experiment in Socialist Revolution - Caroline Colebrook, New Worker
Viet Minh Learns From Mao Khe - Ron Filippelli, Parallel Narratives
Fall of Madrid Begins Franco's Rule - Alden Whitman, New York Times
U.S. Navy's 'Peace Through Strength' - Jarrett Stepman, Bearing Arms
3 Miles Island: A Failure of Science or Pure Spin? - Science Daily
Friday, March 27
Jumbo Jets Collide on Aviation's Darkest Day - Patrick Smith, Salon
Analyzing the Unthinkable Horror - Gerard Bruggink, Air Line Pilot
Cockpit Recordings Capture Final Fateful 8 Minutes - Lexi Krock, PBS
A Survivor's Tale from Tenerife - Robert Bragg, Flight Safety Australia
Chinese Win Dents Japanese Invincibility - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Betrayal of China to Communism - James Perloff, New American
Jackson's Heroics Wrap Up Creek War - Encyclopedia of Alabama
Goliad Campaign Ends in Mexico's Slaughter of Texans - TSHA
The Great Earthquake That Shook Up Alaska - Great Land of Alaska
History's 10 Biggest Quakes - Campbell Phillips, Australian Geographic
Thursday, March 26
How Carter Nearly Killed Peace With Egypt - Yossi Alpher, Forward
Why It's So Hard to Write About Israel - Steven Cook, The Atlantic
The Dwarves of Auschwitz - Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev, The Guardian
Obama's 'Polish Death Camp' Not a Gaffe - David Frum, Daily Beast
Bailing Out East Germany - Matt Stevenson, New Geography
How U.S. Tried to Corner India - Claude Arpi, Rediff
From East Pakistan to Bangladesh - Sanskar Shrivastava, TWR
D.C.'s Vietnam Memorial: A Triumph - Louis Menand, History Reader
Hell Descends on 'Heaven's Gate' - Benjamin Zeller, Salon
The Gruesome End of Korea's 'Frog Boys' - Bathhouse Ballads
Wednesday, March 25
Reichstag Enables Hitler's Rise - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
Pearl Buck and China of Bygone Era - Mike Meyer, New York Times
Mao Regime's Many Useful Idiots - Hugo Restall, Wall Street Journal
Another Soviet Crime Against Humanity - Tartu Linnamuuseum
NATO Unleashes Air Power's Terror on Serbia - Global Security
Kosovo and Question of War Crimes - Noam Chomsky, Z Magazine
British Navy Sails Against Slavery - Jo Loosemore, BBC News
Life and Death of Saudi King Faisal - Islam Times
Notorious Tanker Sold to India - Nirmala George, Associated Press
Cementing the Masters' Place in Golf - John Boyette, Augusta Chronicle
Tuesday, March 24
Private Lynch and the Woman Warrior Myth - Elaine Donnelly, CMR
The Real Hero of Nasiriyah - W. Joseph Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Escape and Murder at Stalag Luft III - Rob Davis, Blue Yonder
Great Escape Drove the Nazis Nuts - Paul Huard, War Is Boring
Tsar Paul I's Failed Effort to Modernize Russia - Royal Russia
Reagan's SDI Vision Still Valid - Caspar Weinbergr Jr., Human Events
Understanding the Concept of 'Star Wars' - Global Security
Space Station Mir's Storied Times in Space - NASA
Gemini 3: Warming Up for Mission to Moon - Astronautix
Child's Play Crashes Russian Airliner - New York Times
Monday, March 23
McMartin Trial: Fiasco Ruined Many Lives - Douglas Linder, UMKC
A Gross Error in Judgment - Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal
Gordian I's Short Reign in Carthage - Michael Meckler, Roman Emperors
Origins of New World Blood Feud - Robert Beverley, Virtual Jamestown
Patrick Henry: Spokesman of the Revolution - Louis Klos, Virtualology
An Usurper at Birth of Republican China - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
Comet Hale-Bopp 'Frozen to Death' - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
Deadly Ice Dooms USAir Flight 405 - Keith Epstein, The Plain Dealer
Re-enacting Patriarch Wallenda's Fatal Fall - Daily Mail
The Beatles' 20 Greatest Hits - YouTube

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