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Monday, December 5
Navy's Lost Patrol in Bermuda Triangle - Michael McDonell, NHHC
Bermuda Triangle's Mystery - Hillary Mayell, National Geographic
Top 10 Unexplained Disappearances - Evan Andrews, TopTenz
The Man Who Turned Off the Taps - Daniel Okrent, Smithsonian
The Lessons of Prohibition - Radley Balko, Reason
Spaniards' Conquest of Hispaniola - Lynne Guitar, Hispaniola
Frederick: First Military Celebrity - Dennis Showalter, Military History
Prussia's Masterful Triumph - Birrion Sondahl, Military History Online
Korea From Hot Fight to Stalemate - Michael Barnes, Authentic History
The One and Only 'World Bowl' - John Zoni, ESPN
Saturday, December 3
Did Murrow Take Down McCarthy? - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Media Hype Stirs 'Jena 6' Furor - Craig Franklin, CS Monitor
Dynastic China Dies on Boy's Watch - Stewart Westdal, Crystal Dragon
End of Queue in China - Michael Godley, China Heritage Quarterly
India Delivers a Major Beatdown on Pakistan - Global Security
What If India, Pakistan Fought Today? - Christopher Clary, MIT
World's 10 Worst Industrial Accidents - Michael Ray, Britannica
Top 10 Most Infamous Hostage Crisis - Jamie Frater, Listverse
Terry Anderson's 7 Years in Captivity - Mark Dawidziak, Plain Dealer
Amanda Knox and Sordid Murder Trial - Judy Bachrach, Vanity Fair
Friday, December 2
Napoleon's Austerlitz Masterpiece - Lonny Grout, Military History
France's War on Her Own History - Chris Bickerton, Le Monde Diplo
Napoleon's (Self-)Crowning Achievement - Georgian Index
Did Beethoven Really Disown Napoleon? - Christopher George, INS
How Cold War Came to Peaceful End - Pat Horan, RealClearHistory
On the Scene at End of Cold War - Condoleezza Rice, Conclusion
America Declares Her Sphere of Influence - U.S. History
John Brown's Brave, Bloody Fight Against Slavery - PBS
Embracing Battle Hymn of John Brown - Blakeslee Gilpin, NY Times
Unthinkable Fall of Enron - C.W. Thomas, Journal of Accountancy
Thursday, December 1
A Lottery That Nobody Wanted to Win - Wesley Abney, History Net
Most Contentious Presidential Elections - Sarah Pruitt,
Corrupt Bargain Ends Era of Good Feelings - Patrick Spero, RCH
Henry Clay: Statesman or Corrupt Dealmaker? - Biography
How Rosa Parks' Bus Affair Was Staged - Peter Applebome, NY Times
Rosa Parks: A Defiant, Reluctant Pioneer - Academy of Achievement
A Bus Ride That Changed America - The Henry Ford
Europe Calmed by a False, Temporary Peace - Spark Notes
First Soda Pop Is a Texas Original - Dr Pepper Museum
Sex Change Turns Ex-GI Into a Blonde Beauty - Tony Long, Wired
Wednesday, November 30
Truth About 'Robber Barons' - Thomas DiLorenzo, von Mises Institute
Best and Worst Mergers in History - Mary DiMaggio, Rasmussen College
The History From Standard Oil to ExxonMobil - ExxonMobil
Finland's Triumphs and Failures in Winter War - Juha Ilo, Feldgrau
Behind Soviet Union's Motive in Invading Finland - Russia Today
Rebel Army's Disastrous Assault - James McDonough, TWCW
U.S. Independence Fight Ends in Paris - Sage American History
Crystal Palace Meets a Fiery Demise - Crystal Palace Foundation
A Rock That Fell Out of the Sky - John Hall, Encyclopedia of Alabama
After Jackson, Fame May Never Be the Same - David Segal, NY Times
Tuesday, November 29
Japan: From Backwater to World Power - James Huffman, About Japan
Quantum Leap for Japan Still Felt Today - Ben Kniola, Think Japan
Ship Massacre Turns Tide on Slave Trade - University of Michigan
Who's the Savage at Sand Creek Massacre? - PBS
For McNamara, Redemption Denied - Douglas Brinkley, Foreign Affairs
McNamara: Architect of a Futile War - Tim Weiner, New York Times
Would JFK Have Pulled Out of Vietnam? - Peter Grier, CS Monitor
The Life and Inventions of Thomas Edison - Library of Congress
The Story of the Original Video Game - David Winter, Pong Story
Lana Wood, on Sister and James Bond - Ruthe Stein, SF Chronicle
Monday, November 28
A Different Take on FDR in Tehran - Warren Kimball, CIA
Churchill's Evolving View of Russia - John Lukacs, Carnegie Council
Margaret Thatcher's Long Goodbye - Roy Hattersley, New Statesman
Thatcher Knew Capitalism's Mass Appeal - Charles Moore, Telegraph
Why Isn't Norway in EU? - Ruben Ruiz Calleja, Diplomacy Status Quo
Gruesome Killer Meets a Gruesome End - Don Terry, New York Times
Jeffrey Dahmer's Bloody Trail - Brian Kates, New York Daily News
Sharpton Still Won't Admit Brawley Case a Hoax - Free Beacon
Tawana Brawley Leaves NYC Behind - Dorian Block, NY Daily News
Icy Demise of a Day Trip to Antarctica - South Pole Station
Saturday, November 26
China's Failed Knockout Blow at Chosin - Patrick Roe, Korean War
The 'Chosin' Brotherhood of Marines - Douglas Sterner, Home of Heroes
China Rewrites Korean War History - Malcolm Moore, Daily Telegraph
Yamamoto and Plan for Pearl Harbor - Mark Stille, History Reader
Rocket Blasts London's Woolworths - Pennie Hedge, BBC News
Truth About 'Hollywood Ten' - Art Eckstein, Front Page Mag
Life and Death of a Baby-Faced Psychopath - FBI
Homophobia Not Motive in Milk's Killing - John Geluardi, SF Weekly
Greece's Dark Days Under Papadopoulos - Eric Pace, New York Times
Captain Cook Finds Paradise - William Westervelt, Sacred Texts
Friday, November 25
LBJ's Private Conversation With Hoover - Shirley Jahad, KPCC
Where Was LBJ Sworn In? - David Flick, Dallas Morning News
'JFK' and Oliver Stone's Propaganda - Ron Capshaw, RealClearHistory
An Eternal Flame for Kennedy - Jack Maguire, Treasury of Texas Tales
Crusaders Beats Back Saladin - Stephen Dafoe, Templar History
Glorious Reign of the Leper King - Michael Whitcraft, Free Republic
From Fort Duquesne to Modern-Day Pittsburgh - U.S. History
The Victory That Won Chattanooga - John Rickard, History of War
MacArthur's Equally Brave Father - Francis P. Sempa, Wash. Times
MacKenzie Avenges Custer at Powder River - Texas St. Historical Assn.

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