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Saturday, October 3
How O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder - Doug Linder, UMKC
The Legacy of O.J. Trial's Racial Divide - Bill Simmons, ESPN
O.J. Verdict Made America Stand Still - W.J. Campbell, The 1995 Blog
Germany's Unlikely Reunification - Klaus Wiegrefe, Der Spiegel
German Reunification and Its Aftermath - German Culture
Peenemunde: Home of Nazi Germany's WMD Lab - Global Security
Caesar Completes Conquest of Gaul - Jona Lendering, Livius
SEAL's Account of Blackhawk Down - Wasdin & Templin, History Reader
Tiger Mauling Brings 'Siegfried and Roy' to End - Associated Press
The Shot Heard 'Round the World - Red Smith, NY Herald Tribune
Friday, October 2
Persia Falls Under Alexander's Sword - Barry Porter, Military History
Ancient Rulers Shed Light on Role of Leadership - Barry Strauss, RCH
Saladin's Sacking of Jerusalem - James Brundage, Fordham University
German 'Typhoon' on Moscow - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
What If Moscow Had Fallen to Hitler? - Mark Grimsley, History Net
How OSS Shaped CIA, Special Ops - Douglas Waller, War On the Rocks
The Arrest and Execution of John Andre - Executed Today
How 'In God We Trust' Got On Our Money - Department of Treasury
Walt Disney and His Magic Kingdom in Florida - Just Disney
D.C. Snipers' Deadly Bullet Trail - Kovaleski & Ruane, Washington Post
Thursday, October 1
How America Lost China - Anne Carroll, Faith & Reason
Reconsidering the Enigmatic Chiang Kai-shek - The Economist
Mao's Communists Draw Red Curtain on China - Global Security
Indonesia's Bloody September 30 Affair - Richard Howland, CIA
Ford's Blockbuster Model T Hits the Market - Auto Atlantic
John Muir Finds His Calling in Yosemite - Tony Perrottet, Smithsonian
Times Bombing Sets Back Labor Movement - Lew Irwin, LA Times
Remembering 1987 Whittier Quake - Steve Irwin, Whittier Daily News
Johnny Carson Debuts on 'Tonight Show' - John Kirshon, The Examiner
Roger Maris Passes Babe With No. 61 - David Halberstam, USA Today
Wednesday, September 30
Chamberlain Deserves History's Disdain - David Blair, The Telegraph
Was Chamberlain Really a Weak Leader? - BBC News Magazine
Chamberlain Right to Make Deal With Hitler - Nick Baumann, Slate
Appeasement Begets Hitler's Conquest - Philip Gavin, History Place
Hindenburg Line Dooms Germany - David Payne, Western Front Assn.
Was Pope John Paul I Murdered? - John Julius Norwich, Daily Mail
The Miseries of Arabs of Palestine - Martha Gellhorn, The Atlantic
Hoover and His Dam on Colorado River - Bureau of Reclamation
Roberto Clemente's 3,000th, and Final, Hit - Tyler Kepner, NY Times
James Dean Dies on California Highway - Frank Wilkins, Reel Reviews
Tuesday, September 29
Teddy Ballgame as a Marine Fighter Pilot - Ronald Brown, Leatherneck
Was Ted Williams the Greatest Ever? - Bob Ryan, Boston Globe
The English Soldier Who Spared Hitler - John Godl, First World War
The Scorched Earth of Ypres Salient - Joanna Legg, The Great War
A Shot Fired From Grassy Knoll? - George Lardner, Washington Post
Clearing the Smoke on 2nd Shooter - Jerry Organ, Marquette Univ.
Pompey the Great and Roman Republic - UNRV History
The Rise and Demise of Pan-Arabism -
Penicillin: The First Miracle Drug - Robert Fogel, Utah State University
Rudolf Diesel's Mysterious Death - Tatyana Gordeeva, German Culture
Monday, September 28
Blitzkrieg's Shocking Early Success - Stephen Hyslop, WWII Magazine
Roosevelt's Appeal to Hitler for Peace - American Presidency Project
Axis Powers: From Pact of Steel to Tripartite Pact - Global Security
How Normans Conquered England - Ben Johnson, Historic UK
The First Atlantic Crossing Disaster - Maritime Quest
Rachel Carson's Deadly Legacy - Henry Miller & Gregory Conko, Forbes
ISIS Is Just Modern-Day Taliban - Ahmed Rashid, NY Review of Books
Taliban's Bloody Conquest of Kabul - Terence White, BBC
The Hairstory Behind 'Hair' - James Rado, Hair the Musical
Unparalleled Bobby Jones a Quick Study - Larry Schwartz, ESPN
Saturday, September 26
Media-Driven Myth of 1960 Debate - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
How Nixon-Kennedy Debate Changed World - Kayla Webley, Time
Nixon Doomed by Merciless TV Cameras - David Lagesse, US News
How Deng Beat Thatcher on Hong Kong - Robert Cottrell, Independent
Thatcher's Regrets Over Hong Kong - Miles Goslett, The Telegraph
Bernard Montgomery's Legacy - Peter Chen, World War II Database
Sir Francis Drake: The Greatest Elizabethan Explorer - Britannia
From Dutch Invasion to Glorious Revolution - Edward Vallance, BBC
How Concorde Came Into Being - Gordon Roxburgh, Concorde SST
'Machine Gun' Kelly vs. G-Men of FBI - Alcatraz History
Friday, September 25
Why 'Market Garden' Was a Bridge Too Far - Mark Fielder, BBC
Montgomery's Audacious Overreach - Roel Kerkhoff, Remember Sept. 44
Dolittle: More Than Namesake Raid - N. Marshall & M. Denger, CCMH
English Beat Back Vikings at Stamford Bridge - Geoff Boxell, Tripod
Ethan Allen: Surrender and Captivity - Ennis Duling, Vermont History
Ike's Army Enforces Desegregation - Anthony Lewis, New York Times
A Fiery Tragedy in San Diego - Thomas Shess, San Diego Magazine
Did St. Fermin Really Run With Bulls? - Robert Duncan, Spero News
Balboa and Discovery of Pacific - Bruce Ruiz, Panama History
Top 10 Most Incredible Prison Escapes - Evan Andrews, TopTenz
Thursday, September 24
5 Myths About Revolutionary War - J. Wisniewski, Cracked
Aftermath of Arnold's Treason - Milton Lomask, American Heritage
John Jay: 1st Supreme Court Chief Justice - Columbia University
Eisenhower a Key Force for Civil Rights - Kasey Pipes, Politico
The Story of 'Little Rock Nine' - Arkansas History & Culture
The Death of King Shaka Zulu - South African History Online
Dr. Seuss and His Rich Legacy - Dr. Seuss Art
Ben Johnson's Sprint from Gold to Dope - Simon Burnton, Guardian
Turning Out the Lights at Ebbets Field - Dave Anderson, NY Times
Top 10 Japanese Cars of All Time - Thomas Bey, Ask Men
Wednesday, September 23
How 'Checkers' Saved the Day for Nixon - David Lagesse, U.S. News
Gay Ex-Marine Saves Ford From Bullet - Lynne Duke, Washington Post
Nathan Hale: An American Martyr and Hero - U.S. History
Triumph in English Waters - Scott Harmon, U.S. Naval Academy
Saddam's War With Iran and Its Consequences - Iran Chamber Society
Second Kashmir War Between India, Pakistan - Global Security
The Chicago Eight Conspiracy Trial - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Secrets of Neptune's Discovery - William Sheehan, Sky & Telescope
Was Dempsey Robbed by 'Long Count'? - Jack Steele, Sports Illustrated
Sadly, One Play Defined Life of 'Bonehead' - Ed Sherman, ESPN

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