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Saturday, October 22
Sun Sets on Japan Over Leyte Gulf - Tim Lanzendorfer, The Pacific War
Halsey: Hero in Greatest Naval Fight - Barrett Tillman, WWII Magazine
Kamikaze: Japan's Suicide Warfare - Uri Noy, 2 World War 2
Zhokov: A Favorite Son of Mother Russia - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Fall of Brutus at Second Battle of Philippi - UNRV History
1st Suicide Bomb Attack on America - Jim Michaels, USA Today
Marines in a Different Kind of War - Thomas Friedman, History Reader
Top 5 Political Brawls in U.S. History - Jarrett Stepman, Human Events
Lincoln's Crackdown on Civil Liberties - David Greenberg, Slate
It's Time to 'Nuke' Dinner! - Priya Ganapati, Wired
Friday, October 21
Fate of German Rocket Men Who Went East - Anatoly Zak, Air & Space
Von Braun: The Original Rocket Scientist - Robin Williams, NASA
Valentich UFO Encounter Solved - McGaha & Nickell, Skeptical Inquirer
Republic of Texas: A Decade of Independence - Son of the South
Sam Houston's Lone Star Legacy - Texas State Historical Association
President Harding Takes on Southern Racism - Andrew Glass, Politico
'Pretty Boy' Floyd's Kansas City Massacre - FBI
Serbia's Sorrow at Kragujevac - Carl Savich, Free Republic
Moquet: A French Communist and Patriot? - Bruce Crumpley, Time
50 Facts About New York City Icon - Patrick Huguenin, NY Daily News
Thursday, October 20
The Man and the Legend of Horatio Nelson - Colin White, BBC
How Britain Beat Back Napoleon at Sea - Nelson's Navy
Cunning Mao Cut India Down to Size - Brahma Chellaney, Rediff
How Pakistan Helped China Beat India - Kuldip Nayar, Rediff
Nixon's 'Saturday Night Massacre' - Carroll Kilpatrick, Washington Post
Bishop's Execution Prompts U.S. Invasion - Government of Grenada
A Cold War Hot Battle in the Caribbean - Charles Gillespie, Jr., ADST
World's 10 Greatest Opera Houses - David Daniel, Travel and Leisure
Fosbury's History-Changing Flop - Richard Hoffer, The Revolutionary
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Tragic Flight - Check-Six
Wednesday, October 19
Napoleon Just as Barbaric as Hitler - Christopher Hudson, Daily Mail
Napoleon's Disastrous Retreat From Moscow - Paul Britten-Austin, BBC
The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson - Henry Wiencek, Smithsonian
Jefferson Paternity Hardly 'Proven' - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Victory and Glory for a New Nation - John Ferling, History Reader
Cornwallis: A Life in Service of Empire - Janie Cheaney, BKM&C
Battle of Ypres Begins Race to the Sea - John Rickard, History of War
MacArthur Makes His Famous Return - Pat Horan, Historiat
Justice Elusive for Guildford Four - Richard Holt, The Telegraph
The Lessons of 'Black Monday' - Wallace Witkowski, Market Watch
Tuesday, October 18
How Fuchs Betrayed Nuclear Secrets - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Saving the Mason-Dixon Line - Bijal Trivedi, National Geographic
'Seward's Folly' Secures Alaska for America - Alaska Web
Alaska's Journey from Russian Outpost to U.S. Frontier - PBS
When Foreign Powers Dominated China - Robert Bickers, History Today
Second Opium War: Another Chinese Humiliation - Global Security
Fall of Honecker: East German Autocrat - David Childs, Independent
Brundage: An Olympic Enigma - Mike Takeuchi, A Different Perspective
Still Feeling Fire from 'Black Power' Salute - Neil Amdur, NY Times
Why 'Moby Dick' Is Still Worth Reading - Linda Holmes, NPR
Monday, October 17
The Long, Bloody Hunt to Nail Al Capone - FBI
Al Capone's Life and Times at Alcatraz - Alcatraz History
Still Shaken by World Series Quake - Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe
Grim Aftermath of Bay Area's 'Big One' - Kevin Fagan, SF Chronicle
A Forgotten Massacre in Paris - Rachel Holman, France 24
Maurice Papon: From Nazi Collaborator to Butcher - The Telegraph
4 Deadly Disasters Caused by Food - Jesse Rhodes, Smithsonian
OPEC Embargo's Long Legacy - Jay Hakes, Journal of Energy Security
Robert Moses, World's Fair, Shea Stadium - Eric Paddon, NYWF64
A History of World's Tallest Buildings - Aubrey Cohen, Seattle P-I
Saturday, October 15
How Hermann Goring Cheated Hangman - Bob Pool, LA Times
Nuremberg Trials' Ambiguous Legacy - Richard Overy, BBC
Robert Jackson's Influence at Nuremberg - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Napoleon Beaten in 19th Century's Most Crucial Battle - Napolun
How Britain Helped Napoleon's Fall - Jasper Copping, The Telegraph
The Raid That Sparked Civil War - Tony Horwitz, History Reader
Was Private Farr Guilty of Cowardice? - Simon Wessely, JRSM
How Mao Won Power on March - Richard Cavendish, History Today
The Soviet Decline on Brezhnev's Watch - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
Surviving the Crash That Killed Wheldon - Adam Luck, Daily Mail
Friday, October 14
Wrong About Cuban Missile Crisis - Benjamin Schwarz, The Atlantic
JFK Didn't Really 'Stare Down' Khrushchev - Leslie Gelb, Foreign Policy
To Nuclear Brink and Back - Bruce Brager, Military History Online
Blitz's Casualties at Balham Tube Station - World War II Today
Battle of Hastings: Last Conquest of England - Mike Ibeji, BBC
The Legacy of Black Panthers - Leslie Fulbright, SF Chronicle
In Hopes of Genuine Brotherhood - Martin Luther King Jr., Nobel Prize
Steve Bartman's Tale of Woe - Will Leitch, Deadspin
Story of Gibson's Legendary Home Run - M. Antonen & T. Keith, SI
Why Gretzky Is Greatest of Them All - Ken Klavon, Bleacher Report
Thursday, October 13
War of 1812: The Dumbest War, Ever - Jeffrey Simpson, Globe & Mail
Canada Survives American Onslaught - John Rickard, History of War
Issac Brock: Man Who Saved Canada - Alain Gauthier, The War of 1812
The Life and Death of 'Desert Fox' - Pat Horan, Historiat
German Commando's Mogadishu Rescue - Sean Linnane, Storm Bringer
World's Top 10 Special Ops Forces - Armed Forces History Museum
Mach 1: Yeager's Flight Into History - Brad Kimberly, U.S. Air Force
Lebanon's Horrific 15-Year Civil War - Global Security
Turkey Between Ataturk and Erdogan - Fouad Ajami, Defining Ideas
Why We Can't Forget Sandy Koufax - David Dalin, Weekly Standard
Wednesday, October 12
5 Misconceptions About Columbus - Christopher Wanjek, Live Science
Why PC Culture Hates Columbus - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Christopher Columbus: The Ultimate Voyager - Biography
A Doctor's Night of Horror in Bali - Rick Morton, The Australian
Uncovering Indonesia's Jihad Factory - Michael Bachelard, SMH
Facts About Bill Clinton and Terrorism - Byron York, National Review
Race Riot Aboard USS Kitty Hawk - Naval Historical Center
Vinegar Joe's Obstinacy Dooms China - John McLaughlin, HNN
ABA: A Basketball Odyssey - Michael Murphy, Houston Chronicle
John Denver's Life, Music and Death - Notable Biographies

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