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Friday, April 29
Hitler's Final Hours in Ruins of Berlin - Petrova & Watson, Wash. Post
Last Witness in Hitler's Suicide Bunker - Steven Rosenberg, BBC News
Whatever Happened to Hitler's Body? - Matt Soniak, Mental Floss
DNA Test Casts Doubt on 'Hitler Skull' - Uki Goni, The Guardian
The Frantic Final Days in Saigon - Loren Jenkins, NPR
Kissinger Still Deluded About the Fall of Vietnam - Smithsonian
Leaving Saigon Amidst Chaos and War - Terry McNamara, ADST
Vietnam: A Test for 6 U.S. Presidents - Leslie Gelb, New York Times
Jefferson's Big Buy to Expand American Power - Monticello
Seles: Brilliant Career Cut Short by a Knife - Christopher Clarey, IHT
Thursday, April 28
Untold Story of L.A. Riots - David Whitman, US News & World Report
How Armed Koreans Beat Back Rioters - Seth Mydans, New York Times
Saving Reginald Denny While L.A. Burned - Martha Groves, LA Times
Bismarck's Plot for Another War? - J.V. Fuller, Bismarck's Diplomacy
Muslim Horde's Easy Conquest of Iberia - Robert Daniels, MHO
Islam's Enduring Influence on Spain - Habeeb Salloum, Milli Gazette
Australia's Lessons for Gun Control - Helen Clark, CS Monitor
Scientific Exam on Mutiny on the Bounty - Michael Shermer, S.A.
Top 10 Titles Stripped for Rules Violations - RealClearSports
Why Muhammad Ali Is No Hero - Joe Bruno, Joe Bruno on Boxing
Wednesday, April 27
The Gruesome Demise of Benito Mussolini - Custer Men
Sex Diary Reveals Duce's Soft Side - Alexander Smoltczyk, Der Spiegel
The Death of Ferdinand Magellan - Frederick Ober, Heritage History
Spanish Rule in the Philippines - Philippine Country
Americans' Sack of Toronto - R. & T. Malcomson, Military History
Real Story How Toronto Got Its Name - Natural Resources Canada
Lincoln's Crackdown on Civil Liberties - David Greenberg, Slate
SS Sultana: Titanic on the Mississippi - This Week in Civil War
The Skeletons of Kurt Waldheim - James Graff, Time
The Day a Diplomat Opened Fire - Christopher Hope, The Telegraph
Tuesday, April 26
Was Killing of John Wilkes Booth a Myth? - Jesse Hicks, The Verge
Documenting the Death of an Assassin - Ashley Luthern, Smithsonian
Where Civil War Really Ended - Eric Wittenberg, Civil War Cavalry
Gestapo: Hitler's Henchmen - Philip Gavin, History Place
Luftwaffe's Day of Terror in Guernica - Eyewitness to History
Piecing Together Picasso's Guernica - Gijs van Hensbergen, BBC News
How America Used to Take on Rogue State - Joshua London, Heritage
The Peaceful Fall of a Korean Strongman - Marshall Green, ADST
The Difficult Road to the Moon - Andrew LePage, The Space Review
Chernobyl: Ignorance, Complacency, Disaster - Richard Rhodes, PBS
Monday, April 25
Jimmy Carter's Debacle in Iran's Desert - Mark Bowden, The Atlantic
Failures and Lessons From 'Operation Eagle Claw' -
A Bloodbath on Beaches of Gallipoli - New Zealand History Online
How Churchill Made Gallipoli a Debacle - Robert Messenger, WSJ
ANZACs Part of Turkish Legend - Joseph Catanzaro, West Australian
Gallipoli and Australian Nationhood - Peter Stanley, ABC News
When GI Joe Met Ivan on the Elbe - Martin Herzog, Atlantic Times
Enduring the Last Nazi War Crimes Trial - Lawrence Douglas, Harper's
The End of Athenian Empire - Kurt Kuhlmann, Warhorse Simulations
Donner Party's Pioneering Tragedy - Legends of America
Saturday, April 23
Irish Rebellion's Toll on Empire - John Rossi, Philadelphia Inquirer
The Great War's Forgotten Irish Soldiers - BBC News
The Roots of Armenian Genocide - John Kifner, New York Times
Turkey Still in Denial of Mass Slaughter - Christopher Hitchens, Slate
America's Emergence as a World Power - U.S. Army History
Black Jack Pershing in Cuba - Kevin Hymel, On Point
Did Yellow Journalism Juice War? - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Benedict's Legacy: Hope and Future - Angelo Mary Geiger, CWR
A Brief History of Hubble Telescope - Gabriel Okolski, NASA
Baader-Meinhof: Clowns of Terror - Michael Burleigh, Daily Mail
Friday, April 22
Why U.S. Army Stopped Short of Berlin - Peter Antill, History of War
Stalin's Deadly Final Push for Berlin - Tilman Remme, BBC News
Soviet Red Army's Trail of Rapes - Daniel Johnson, The Telegraph
Former Nurse Tells of Hitler's Last Days - Deutsche Welle
Luftwaffe's Blitz By Guidebooks - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
An Indecisive Raid on Zeebrugge - Michael Duffy, First World War
Cosmonaut Plunges to Death in a Rage - Robert Krulwich, NPR
Elvis' Miserable Debut in Vegas - David Troedson, Elvis Presley Music
Coca-Cola's Colossal Blunder - Blair Matthews, The Cola Conquest
New Coke to Agent Orange: 50 Worst Inventions - Time
Thursday, April 21
Texans Get Their Revenge for the Alamo - Texas A&M University
Sam Houston: Father of Modern Texas - Texas State Historical Assn.
Germany Rues Loss on Western Front - John Rickard, History of War
Use of Poison Gas in Great War - Michael Duffy, First World War
Top 10 Battles of World War I - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
The Mythology of Rome's Founding - UNRV History
How Robert Moses Shaped New York City - Sydney Sarachan, PBS
Revisiting the Elian Gonzalez Crisis - Ed Vulliamy, The Guardian
Legend of Rosie Ruiz's Dishonor Endures - Neil Amdur, NY Times
Fellow Soldier Fears He Killed Pat Tillman - Mike Fish, ESPN
Wednesday, April 20
Adolf Hitler's Inconspicuous Birth - Philip Gavin, History Place
Hitler's 50th Birthday in Color Photos - Ben Cosgrove, Life
The Final Days of Adolf Hitler - Rob Broomby, BBC News
Red Baron: Great War's Greatest Pilot - Stephen Sherman, Ace Pilots
Inside the Red Baron's Mind - Peter Tyson, PBS
Who Killed the Red Baron? - Geoffrey Miller, MHSA
Korean Air's First Deadly Encounter With USSR - Code 7700
Revere's Midnight Run? Try William Dawes - Caleb E. Smith, Historiat
The Truth About Columbine - Andrew Gumbel, The Guardian
10 Greatest Moments in Fenway History - Matt Snyder, CBS Sports
Tuesday, April 19
Making Sense of Robert E. Lee - Roy Blount Jr., Smithsonian
The Darker Truth About Timothy McVeigh - Gore Vidal, Vanity Fair
OKC Bombing's Unsightly Legacy - W. Joseph Campbell, 1995 Blog
The Trial of a Homegrown Terrorist - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Janet Reno's Dept. of Injustice - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
House of 'Sinful Messiah' - England & McCormick, FW Star-Telegram
First Shots on Road to Independence - John Rickard, History of War
Revere's Ride: Shoddy History, Great Literature - John Miller, WSJ
Warsaw Ghetto Fighters' Courageous Uprising - Holocaust Museum
USS Iowa's Deadly Final Shot - Joel Mundt, Today's History Lesson

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