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Saturday, February 6
An H-Bomb Lost in Georgia Swamp - Gerry Northam, BBC News
Missing Atom Bombs Still in Our Midst - Benjamin Maack, Der Spiegel
Roosevelt's Court-Packing Fiasco - Daniel Glover, Enter Stage Right
U.S.-France: A Marriage of Convenience - Paul Huard, TSHRTW
Most Precarious U.S. Allies in History - Zachary Keck, National Interest
When U.S. Excluded Asians - Howard Bromberg, Immigration to US
Evers Killer Unrepentant to the Grave - David Stout, New York Times
Russia's Splendor in Great Hermitage - Hermitage Museum
Man U's Day of Sorrow in Munich - Steve Tongue, The Independent
How Many Golf Balls Were Left on Moon? - Matthew Weathers
Friday, February 5
FDR's Colossal Failure at Yalta - Arnold Beichman, Hoover Digest
Roosevelt Was Hardly Naive About Stalin - Arthur Schlesinger, HNN
Yalta: Booze, Bathrooms and Bedbugs - Phil Edwards, Vox
George Washington Before the Presidency - Miller Center
47 Ronin Give Birth to Japan's National Creed - J. Noel Chiappa, MIT
Rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela - Richard Lapper, CFR
Diallo's Deadly NYPD Encounter - Timothy Lynch, Cato Institute
The Surreal Saga of Patty Hearst - Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic
How Facebook Was Founded - Nicholas Carlson, Business Insider
Kubrick's 'Orange' Is Still Influential - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
Thursday, February 4
Was Africa Better Off Under Colonial Rule? - Tunde Obadina, AfBIS
Colonialism: Myths, Realities - Brandon Christensen, Notes on Liberty
The End of Empire in Africa - Anthony Kirk-Greene, History Today
Japan's Army Unleashes Manila Massacre - Battling Bastards of Bataan
Srange Story of Atomic Spy Klaus Fuchs - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Soviets First to Land Craft on the Moon - Robert Christy, Zarya
Frank Serpico: After the Fateful Day - Kathleen Phalen, Gadfly
Marine Jet's Deadly Alpine Encounter - Tagliabue & Ward, NY Times
Top Musicians Killed in Plane Crashes - Associated Press
Buddy Holly: The Day the Music Died - Claire Suddath, Time
Wednesday, February 3
A New Look at Battle of Stalingrad - Michael Sontheimer, Der Spiegel
Agonizing Destruction of Sixth Army - Dennis Showalter, WWII Mag.
Stalingrad Shatters German Invincibility - Uri Noy, 2 World War 2
Field Marshal Paulus: Capture and Captivity - NKVD Files
Afghanistan Plants USSR's Demise - Robert Baumann, Global Security
Comparing Vietnam to Iraq - J. Record & W.A. Terrill, Strategic Studies
Mexico's Disastrous War with U.S. - Richard Griswold del Castillo, PBS
An Endless Claim to California Islands - Barnard Thompson, Mexidata
Top 10 Famous Diplomatic Leaks - Ishaan Tharoor, Time
The Scandal of 'Ulysses' - New York Review of Books
Tuesday, February 2
A Very Misunderstood Photograph - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Horst Faas and His Army - Amy Davidson, The New Yorker
The Real Vietnam War in Pictures - The Guardian
Iran's Descent into Islamic Rule - Michael Omer-Man, Jerusalem Post
Top 10 Most Evil Men in History - Jamie Frater, Listverse
How the Name of 'Quisling' Gained Infamy -
Chinese Fuel California Gold Rush - Henry Norton, SF Virtual Museum
Space Shuttle's Legacy: Neither Cheap Nor Safe - Associated Press
Why NHL Needs to Get Rid of Gary Bettman - Bill Simmons, Grantland
Reminder: Roman Polanski Raped a Child - Kate Harding, Salon
Monday, February 1
The Execution of Private Eddie Slovik - Executed Today
Bataan March: A Survivor's Story - Rick Peterson, Back to Bataan
Japan's Rush Down Malayan Peninsula - Australia's War
Spielberg's Lincoln Simply a Myth - Kevin Gutzman, National Post
How German Kaiser Unleashed U-Boat War - U boat
Trotsky Loses Struggle Against Stalin - Gerhard Rempel, WNEC
Gunpowder Plot Taints English Catholics - Bruce Robinson, BBC
Native Americans Herded Into Reservations - PBS
Get It Right About 'Yellow Journalism' - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth
Alaska Airline's Pacific Plunge - Christine Clarridge, Seattle Times
Saturday, January 30
How Media Helped to 'Lose' Tet Offensive - Donald Bishop, Air Power
Tet: Winning Battle, Losing War - Don Oberdorfer, Smithsonian
Viet Cong's Invasion of U.S. Embassy - Allan Wendt, Wall Street Journal
Germany Descends Into Darkness - Philip Gavin, History Place
Hitler's Audacious Plan to Seize Power - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
How Democracy Produced a Monster - Ian Kershaw, New York Times
Deadliest Maritime Disaster of All Time - Wilhelm Gustloff
Blood, Sweat, Toil Along Burma Road - Donovan Webster, NatGeo
King Charles' Reign Ends in Death - Eyewitness to History
Most Important Assassinations in History - Jeff Danelek, TopTenz
Friday, January 29
Seven Myths About Challenger Disaster - James Oberg, MSNBC
Challenger Brought NASA Down to Earth - Traci Watson, USA Today
How Reagan Helped Nation Mourn - Peter Grier, CS Monitor
A Deadly Incident Behind the Iron Curtain - Western Allies Berlin
Japan Uncorks Another Outrage in China - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Paris' Fall Ends Franco-Prussian War - Kennedy Hickman,
British Turn Tide in Anglo-Sikh War - John Mackenzie, British Battles
Trajan: One of Rome's Great Emperors - UNRV History
Is It Time to Give Gitmo Back to Cuba? - Jonathan Hansen, NY Times
Ty Cobb a Pain, But Great Nonetheless - Larry Schwartz, ESPN
Thursday, January 28
The Mind of Rudolph Hoess, Agent of Death - Laurence Rees, BBC
Nazi Mass Murder and Its Enablers - Haviv Rettig Gur, Times of Israel
The Nazis' Killing Grounds at Auschwitz - Holocaust Museum
Leningrad's 900 Days of Horror - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
Hard-Luck Grissom Had the Right Stuff - Diana Whay, Poll Burning
Deadly Fire That Shocked NASA - Amy Shira Teitel, Scientific American
Soviet Fire That Might've Saved Apollo 1 - A.S. Teitel, Discovery News
Did Nixon Commit Treason on Vietnam? - Robert KC Johnson, HNN
Military and Political Course of Vietnam War - David Anderson, UI
Hero of 'Argo' Reveals True Story - Patrick Hruby, Washington Times
Wednesday, January 27
Lewinsky and End of Presidential Myth - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Media's Craven Lewinsky Frenzy - Todd Gitlin, Washington Monthly
Clinton's Penalties Beyond Impeachment - W.J. Campbell, 1995 Blog
Boxer's Crass Attack on Condi Rice - Colbert King, Washington Post
Lincoln's Frank Letter to Hooker - Anthony Bergen, Dead Presidents
Ambrose Burnside: An Unlucky Scapegoat - Encyclopedia Virginia
A Warrior's Tale of 'To Hell and Back' - Audie Murphy, History Reader
Australia's Divisive National Holiday - John Hirst, The Age
St. Petersburg's Uneasy History - Andrew Osborn, The Independent
Barcelona Erases Franco - Alasdair Fotheringham, The Independent

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