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Friday, January 30
How Media Helped to 'Lose' Tet Offensive - Donald Bishop, Air Power
Viet Cong's Invasion of U.S. Embassy - Allan Wendt, Wall Street Journal
Tet: Winning Battle, Losing War - Don Oberdorfer, Smithsonian
Germany Descends Into Darkness - Philip Gavin, History Place
Hitler's Audacious Plan to Seize Power - Frank Smitha, Microhistory
How Democracy Produced a Monster - Ian Kershaw, New York Times
Deadliest Maritime Disaster of All Time - Wilhelm Gustloff
Blood, Sweat, Toil Along Burma Road - Donovan Webster, NatGeo
King Charles' Reign Ends in Death - Eyewitness to History
Most Important Assassinations in History - Jeff Danelek, TopTenz
Thursday, January 29
Seven Myths About Challenger Disaster - James Oberg, MSNBC
Challenger Brought NASA Down to Earth - Traci Watson, USA Today
How Reagan Helped Nation Mourn - Peter Grier, CS Monitor
A Deadly Incident Behind the Iron Curtain - Western Allies Berlin
Japan Uncorks Another Outrage in China - Peter Chen, WWII Database
Paris' Fall Ends Franco-Prussian War - Kennedy Hickman,
British Turn Tide in Anglo-Sikh War - John Mackenzie, British Battles
Trajan: One of Rome's Great Emperors - UNRV History
Is It Time to Give Gitmo Back to Cuba? - Jonathan Hansen, NY Times
Ty Cobb a Pain, But Great Nonetheless - Larry Schwartz, ESPN
Wednesday, January 28
The Mind of Rudolph Hoess, Agent of Death - Laurence Rees, BBC
Nazi Mass Murder and Its Enablers - Haviv Rettig Gur, Times of Israel
The Nazis' Killing Grounds at Auschwitz - Holocaust Museum
Leningrad's 900 Days of Horror - Chris Trueman, History Learning Site
Hard-Luck Grissom Had the Right Stuff - Diana Whay, Poll Burning
Deadly Fire That Shocked NASA - Amy Shira Teitel, Scientific American
Soviet Fire That Might've Saved Apollo 1 - A.S. Teitel, Discovery News
Did Nixon Commit Treason on Vietnam? - Robert KC Johnson, HNN
Military and Political Course of Vietnam War - David Anderson, UI
Hero of 'Argo' Reveals True Story - Patrick Hruby, Washington Times
Tuesday, January 27
Lewinsky and End of Presidential Myth - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Media's Craven Lewinsky Frenzy - Todd Gitlin, Washington Monthly
Boxer's Crass Attack on Condi Rice - Colbert King, Washington Post
Lincoln's Frank Letter to Hooker - Anthony Bergen, Dead Presidents
Ambrose Burnside: An Unlucky Scapegoat - Encyclopedia Virginia
A Warrior's Tale of 'To Hell and Back' - Audie Murphy, History Reader
Australia's Divisive National Holiday - John Hirst, The Age
St. Petersburg's Uneasy History - Andrew Osborn, The Independent
Barcelona Erases Franco - Alasdair Fotheringham, The Independent
A Whale of a Stinking Chinese New Year - Angel Fire
Monday, January 26
Hitler's Grave Miscalculation at the Bulge - Philip Gavin, History Place
Revisiting the Bulge: The Hills and Heroes - Judy Miller, Britannica
Mao's Widow Condemned in Show Trial - Zheng Haiping, FYFZ
Deng's Lasting Legacy for Modern China - Michael Elliott, Time
The Unlikely Rise of Claudius - Garrett Fagan, Loyola University
Demise and Discovery of Israel's Sub - Uri Dotan Bochner, INS Dakar
An Almost Nuclear War By Accident - David Hoffman, Washington Post
Why Didn't Amin Rot and Die in Jail? - Austin Bay, Strategy Page
Manson Clan Guilty of Inhumanity - Marilyn Bardsley, Crime Library
Nordic Games and Origin of Winter Olympics - Ron Edgeworth, LA84
Saturday, January 24
Time to Scotch Myth of Churchill - Daniel Knowles, The Telegraph
A Modern Assault on Churchill Cult - Jeet Heer, The Guardian
Churchill and His Complicated Legacy - Samuel Chi, RealClearHistory
British Empire Died With Churchill - Andrew Roberts, The Telegraph
The Almost Nuclear Holocaust in North Carolina - Broken Arrow
20 Mishaps That Nearly Started Nuke War - Alan Phillips, NAPF
Was Air India Flight Hit by Italian Jet? - David Cenciotti, Aviationist
The Madness and Unraveling of Caligula - Barbara McManus, VRoma
Annihilation Looms at Stalingrad - Mike Yoder, Military History Online
Surviving 30 Years in Jungle - Christopher Nyerges, Primitive Ways
Friday, January 23
Fallen Hero: Charles Lindbergh in the 1940s - PBS
Saving Germans from Russia's Vengeance - Submarine S 13
Kaiser Wilhelm's Exile in Holland - Andrew Balcome, Holland Times
North Korea's Audacious Twin Provocation - Richard Ericson, ADST
Pueblo as Pyongyang's Tourist Attraction - Tim Johnson, McClatchy
No Peace, No Honor, Just Betrayal - Larry Berman, Washington Post
How North Vietnam Cornered Nixon - New American Nation
Remember Daniel Pearl's Murder - Michael Omer-Man, Jerusalem Post
John Walker Lindh: The Taliban Next Door - Josh Tyrangiel, Time
The Forgotten Massacre of Marias - Kathy Weiser, Legends of America
Thursday, January 22
Unmasking America's Best-Known Traitors - John Ehrman, CIA
The Trials of Alger Hiss: Still Guilty - Douglas Linder, UMKC
Venona's Revelation of Soviet Spy Ring - Hayden Peake, U.S. Navy
'Roe': Retracing a Life of Regret - Joshua Prager, Vanity Fair
Is Roe v. Wade Still Law of the Land? - Dahlia Lithwick, Slate
Anzio: Tying Germans Down in Italy - Clayton Laurie, Free Republic
Khe Sanh: A Victory That Led to Ultimate Defeat - Vietnam Magazine
The Story Behind Apple's 1984 Ad - Tom Hormby, Low End Mac
Not Gingrich's Finest Hour - John Yang, Washington Post
10 Most Corrupt Politicians in U.S. History - RealClearPolitics
Wednesday, January 21
Did Hitler Decide on 'Final Solution'? - Gord McFee, Holocaust History
Wannsee Conference and the 'Final Solution' - Holocaust Museum
Einsatzgruppen: Nazis' Agents of Death - Death Camps
Hong Kong as British Crown Colony - British Empire
Bright Side of British Colonialism - Gary Libecap, Defining Ideas
America's First Hostage Crisis - Digital History
How Iran Crisis Became a Catastrophe (Part II) - Bruce Laingen, ADST
Roger Baldwin's Contradictory Life - Robert Cottrell, HS Library
ACLU's Shocking Legacy - Alan Sears, WND
Top 10 Most Notorious Presidential Pardons - Time
Tuesday, January 20
Robert E. Lee's Fateful, Tragic Choice - Jonathan Horn, Salon
Zeppelin Raid Launches Era of Air War - Ari Unikoski, First World War
Air War From Zeppelins to Drones - T. Dugdale-Pointon, History of War
Imperial Japan's Conquest of Burma - John Rickard, History of War
The Real Bridge on the River Kwai - Mark Smith, The Man in Seat 61
A 'Tokyo Rose' by Any Other Name - Adam Bernstein, Washington Post
The Trial of Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon - Jewish Virtual Library
Why League of Nations Failed - Pat Buchanan, American Conservative
Henry V and Hundred Years' War - C. L. Kingsford, Luminarium
UCLA's Epic Winning Streak of 88 - Jerry Crowe, Los Angeles Times

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