RealClearHistory Articles

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How Germany and Japan Could've Won by Miguel Faria
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Patton, Ike, and My Teenage Boys by Paul Kengor
Hap Arnold: America's Forgotten General by Bill Yenne
Pax Britannica Was Good for Civilization by Samuel Chi
Churchill and His Complicated Legacy by Samuel Chi
Scotland: No Country for Englishmen by Samuel Chi
Scapa Flow: Where Britannia Ruled the Waves by Samuel Chi
Bismarck: Making and Unmaking of Germany by Tim Reuter
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British Land Under German Boots by Samuel Chi
What Do We Celebrate of Fourth of July? by Brian Vanyo
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Pentagon Papers Spill Vietnam's Secrets by Carl M. Cannon
Cold War Pivots on 'Tear Down This War' by Carl M. Cannon
Ben Hogan's Triumph of the Spirit by Carl M. Cannon
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Clint Eastwood's Enduring Significance by Carl M. Cannon
Benghazi: History of Pueblo Repeats Itself by Todd Crowell
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Beginning of End of U.S. in Vietnam by Carl M. Cannon
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Completion of Transcontinental Railroad by Carl M. Cannon
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