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Patrick: Slave, Shepherd and Saint by Pat Horan
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How Jackson Repelled British at New Orleans by Pat Horan
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Christmas Truce on the Western Front by Pat Horan
Noriega's Machiavellian Reign in Panama by Peter Moons
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German Juggernaut Halted at Stalingrad by Pat Horan
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Catholic Conspiracy and the Gunpowder Plot by Pat Horan
Reagan, Goldwater and Rise of Conservatism by Pat Horan
MacArthur Makes His Famous Return by Pat Horan
What Really Killed USSR? Too Much Talking by Philip K. Decker
The Life and Death of Desert Fox by Pat Horan
How Belgium Held Off Mighty German Army by Pat Horan
Ship of Ghosts: The Story of USS Houston by James D. Hornfischer
How Close U-Boats Came to Menace America by Mark Sauter
Saving the Declaration of Independence by Ryan L. Cole
Vladimir Lenin and His Ambiguous Mandate by Philip K. Decker
Death of a Union General and His Love Story by Ryan L. Cole
Surviving Stalin's Terror and Censorship by Philip K. Decker
On D-Day, Let's Not Forget the 15th by Barrett Tillman
Sarajevo Finds Its Place in World War I History by Via Repost
Restoring Savannah to National Maritime Day by John Laurence Busch
Hitler's Jewish Neighbor Tells His Story by Deborah Cole
The Midnight Ride ... of William Dawes by Caleb E. Smith
Crimea Crisis Gives New Life to NATO by Caleb E. Smith
The Myth of the Bermuda Triangle by Caleb E. Smith
A Trip Down Memory Lane of Texas by Jeremy Lott
A Long and Strange History of Lost Ships by Caleb E. Smith
Interventionism's Dangerous History by Tim Reuter
How Germany and Japan Could've Won (Part II) by Miguel Faria
Teach Kids History to Honor George Washington by Callista Gingrich
How Germany and Japan Could've Won by Miguel Faria
How Should History Treat Unsung Heroes? by Kenneth Weisbrode
America Still Can Learn From Iron Lady by Matt Naham
The Lost Art of Political Debate by Anthony Mills & Phil Mills
Done With Turkeys on Thanksgiving by Jeremy Lott
JFK's Death and Oliver Stone's Propaganda by Ron Capshaw
The Untold Story at Ford's Theatre by Thomas Bogar
America Still Exceptional, Just Not as Much by Jeremy Lott
Patton, Ike, and My Teenage Boys by Paul Kengor
Hap Arnold: America's Forgotten General by Bill Yenne
Pax Britannica Was Good for Civilization by Samuel Chi
Churchill and His Complicated Legacy by Samuel Chi