RealClearHistory Book Reviews

Thursday, April 16
The Man Who Killed Lincoln's Assassin - Margaret Gray, L.A. Times
Monday, April 13
The Myths of Kim Philby - Jefferson Flanders, Washington Decoded
Saturday, March 28
Long Life and Reach of Ben-Gurion - Benjamin Balint, Weekly Standard
Wednesday, March 25
A Tangled Middle East After WWI - Eugene Rogan, Washington Times
Monday, March 23
Hitler's Unwilling First Victims - Richard Evans, The Guardian
Friday, March 20
Why Civil War Still Matters - Richard Snow, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, March 19
America's Last Founding Father - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Monday, March 16
He Didn't Like Ike (for Holding Him Back) - Walter Borneman, WSJ
Saturday, March 14
The True Story of 'JFK' Villain - Stephen Roy, Washington Decoded
Thursday, March 12
The Civil War Convulsion - Andrew Delbanco, New York Review of Books
Friday, March 6
The Real Story Behind Caesar's Death - Larry Getlen, New York Post
Wednesday, March 4
The Divided Life of Physicist, Spy - Freeman Dyson, NY Review of Books
Friday, February 27
Stalin Wasn't an Intellectual Dullard - Jack Matlock, Jr., National Interest
Wednesday, February 18
Recalling O.J.'s Wretched Bestseller - W. Joseph Campbell, The 1995 Blog
Saturday, February 14
WWI and U.S.'s Path to Superpower - Adam Tooze, Washington Times
Monday, February 9
How World Viewed U.S. Civil War - Fergus Bordewich, Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, February 3
Why Solzhenitsyn Is Still Relevant Today - Brian Anderson, New Criterion
Tuesday, January 27
English Origins of Evangelical America - Mark Tooley, Weekly Standard
Tuesday, January 20
Darius vs. Alexander: Who Lost Persia? - James Romm, Wall Street Journal
Friday, January 16
The Heroism of Knights of Malta - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing