RealClearHistory Book Reviews

Wednesday, April 23
Secret Life (and Death) of an American Spy - Paul Pillar, National Interest
Thursday, April 10
The Rise and Fall of Tammany Hall - Vincent Cannato, Weekly Standard
Monday, April 7
MacArthur: Vainglorious, Brilliant - Edward Coffman, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, April 3
How Monogamy Saved Civilization - David DesRosiers, Washington Times
Tuesday, April 1
John Wayne: The Life and Legend - Peter Bogdanovich, New York Times
Friday, March 28
How Dick Cheney Remade Our World - Mark Danner, NY Review of Books
Monday, March 24
The Mysterious Vanishing of Rockefeller - Ian Spiegelman, Bookish
Saturday, March 22
Revisiting Zionism for Wrong Reasons - Bernard Wasserstein, TNI
Thursday, March 20
Silence on Soviet Atrocity in Ukraine - Andrew Stuttaford, Weekly Standard
Wednesday, March 12
Stalin's Infiltration of FDR Inner Circle - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Monday, March 10
A Father Against the Fatherland - T.J. Reed, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, March 6
Forgotten Map Reveals Chinese History - Rana Mitter, The Telegraph
Monday, March 3
Why Nixon Let the Blood Flow in Pakistan - Tim Reuter, RealClearHistory
Friday, February 28
Under a Thumb: Russia in Putin Era - Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
Friday, February 21
American Decline and Its False Prophets - Michael Lind, National Interest
Wednesday, February 12
The Disharmonious Rise of China - Ali Wyne, Wall Street Journal
Friday, February 7
U.S.'s Anti-Communist 'James Bond' - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Wednesday, February 5
Saving Europe's Treasure From Nazis - Bruce Cole, Weekly Standard
Friday, January 31
WWI: The Greatest Catastrophe - R.J.W. Evans, New York Review of Books
Wednesday, January 22
Gates Lays Bare Obama's War Machine - Thomas Ricks, New York Times