Monday, July 28
Guns of August: Flawed Yet Important - Samuel Williamson, Project Muse
Friday, July 18
The Art Hitler Hated - Michael Kimmelman, New York Review of Books
Saturday, July 12
The Last Bond: Fleming's Glittering End - William Boyd, The Guardian
Monday, June 30
Getting to Know Spies of Cold War - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Monday, June 23
The Blame Game of World War I - Gary Sheffield, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, June 12
Beethoven: The Life Behind the Music - George Stauffer, Weekly Standard
Wednesday, May 28
The Very Long 19th Century - Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Wall Street Journal
Saturday, May 24
The Enigma of Robert E. Lee - David Holahan, Christian Science Monitor
Friday, May 9
Bringing James Madison Back to Life - Gordon Wood, New York Times
Tuesday, May 6
The Real Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid - Gerald Swick, History Net
Saturday, May 3
Mao Led China Into Communist Hell - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Thursday, May 1
Finally, a Great Story About Updike - William Pritchard, Weekly Standard
Tuesday, April 29
Intolerable Suicide of Stefan Zweig - Anka Muhlstein, NY Review of Books
Friday, April 25
How Churchill Turned Gallipoli Into a Debacle - Robert Messenger, WSJ
Wednesday, April 23
Secret Life (and Death) of an American Spy - Paul Pillar, National Interest
Thursday, April 10
The Rise and Fall of Tammany Hall - Vincent Cannato, Weekly Standard
Monday, April 7
MacArthur: Vainglorious, Brilliant - Edward Coffman, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, April 3
How Monogamy Saved Civilization - David DesRosiers, Washington Times
Tuesday, April 1
John Wayne: The Life and Legend - Peter Bogdanovich, New York Times
Friday, March 28
How Dick Cheney Remade Our World - Mark Danner, NY Review of Books