Monday, October 6
Triumph of English-Speaking Peoples - Jay Weiser, Weekly Standard
Friday, October 3
Stonewall Jackson: Holy Warrior - Clay Reynolds, Dallas Morning News
Sunday, September 21
Napoleon on the Downward Slope - James Banner, Weekly Standard
Friday, September 19
Further Muddling JFK Legacy - David Reitzes, Washington Decoded
Tuesday, September 16
Goebbels' Reluctant Novelist a Classic - Paul Levy, Wall Street Journal
Friday, September 12
Opium War a Stain on History of Britain - Rana Mitter, The Guardian
Tuesday, September 2
Overestimation of John Birch Society - Steven Hayward, Weekly Standard
Monday, September 1
Kissinger's Guide to Geopolitics - Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
Sunday, August 31
Rupert: Warrior Prince, Last Cavalier - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Thursday, August 28
How Close U-Boats Came to Menace U.S. - Mark Sauter, RealClearHistory
Tuesday, August 26
Britain's Charming Spy and Traitor - John Banville, The Guardian
Monday, August 11
Thwarting Best-Laid Plans of Lenin - J.P. O'Malley, Weekly Standard
Tuesday, August 5
Beethoven: The Madder the Better - Edmund Morris, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, July 30
America's Men Left Behind in Vietnam - Mark Sauter, KPOWS
Monday, July 28
Guns of August: Flawed Yet Important - Samuel Williamson, Project Muse
Friday, July 18
The Art Hitler Hated - Michael Kimmelman, New York Review of Books
Saturday, July 12
The Last Bond: Fleming's Glittering End - William Boyd, The Guardian
Monday, June 30
Getting to Know Spies of Cold War - Miguel Faria, Hacienda Publishing
Monday, June 23
The Blame Game of World War I - Gary Sheffield, Wall Street Journal
Thursday, June 12
Beethoven: The Life Behind the Music - George Stauffer, Weekly Standard