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Bonnie and Clyde Meet a Bloody End

Amateur footage of the grisly scene where police ambushed Bonnie and Clyde in their car on May 23, 1934. A posse of six officers fired approximately 130 rounds at the two outlaws, putting an end to a murder and robbery spree that included 9 dead police officers and crossed several states. A veritable arsenal was recovered from the outlaw couple's car, including several thousand rounds of ammunition....

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Stolen Tank Rampages Through San Diego

On May 18, 1995, Army veteran Shawn Nelson drove into a California Army National Guard armory and drove out in an M60 Patton tank. Destroying everything in his path, Nelson led San Diego police on a 23-minute chase, during which...

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Mount St. Helens Erupts in Washington State

In 1980, the state of Washington experienced North America's largest volcanic eruption of nearly a century when Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18. Luckily, the mountain had been closed at the urging of the USGS, so when an early...

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Red Guards on Rampage in Cultural Revolution

During the Chinese Cultural Revolution, icons of the ideas Mao opposed were destroyed en masse. Confucian, Buddhist, and Christian icons were smashed and idols were sometimes replaced with images of Mao. Not content with just destroying objects, people were targeted...

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The Crash of ValuJet Flight 592

On May 11, 1996, a commuter jet leaving Miami crashed in the Everglades shortly after takeoff, killing all 105 passengers and five crew members. The fire was caused by loosely packed out-of-date oxygen generators placed in the plane's cargo hold,...

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The Rise of J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI

Starting with a secret order signed by FDR allowing the FBI to spy on subversives, J. Edgar Hoover greatly expanded the powers of the Bureau to root out alleged spies and communists in the United States, reaching a peak in...

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster Aftermath

A local news report details the aftermath of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster on May 9, 1980 in Tampa Bay. 35 people were killed when a 600-foot freighter collided with a bridge support column at 7:30 a.m., causing 1,200 feet of bridge...

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Original Scenes From 'Downfall'

Perhaps the most widely parodied movie in history, this is the actual scene (with English subtitles) from the 2004 film Der Untergang ("Downfall") dramatizing the final days of Adolf Hitler in the bunker....

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