Following the sinking of the HMS Hood and the loss of 1,415 sailors on May 24, 1941, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill commanded that the offending ship, the Bismarck, be hunted down and sunk in retribution. "Sink the Bismarck!" became a rallying cry of the Royal Navy and the Bismarck was... More >>

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Bonnie and Clyde Meet a Bloody End
Amateur footage of the grisly scene where police ambushed Bonnie and Clyde in their car on May 23, 1934. A posse of six officers fired approximately 130 rounds at the two outlaws, putting an end to a murder and robbery spree that included 9 dead police officers and crossed several states. A...
Stolen Tank Rampages Through San Diego
On May 18, 1995, Army veteran Shawn Nelson drove into a California Army National Guard armory and drove out in an M60 Patton tank. Destroying everything in his path, Nelson led San Diego police on a 23-minute chase, during which time officials considered calling in U.S. Marine attack helicopters....
The Crash of ValuJet Flight 592
On May 11, 1996, a commuter jet leaving Miami crashed in the Everglades shortly after takeoff, killing all 105 passengers and five crew members. The fire was caused by loosely packed out-of-date oxygen generators placed in the plane's cargo hold, despite FAA regulations prohibiting hazardous...
Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster Aftermath
A local news report details the aftermath of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster on May 9, 1980 in Tampa Bay. 35 people were killed when a 600-foot freighter collided with a bridge support column at 7:30 a.m., causing 1,200 feet of bridge to fall into the bay.
Original Scenes From 'Downfall'
Perhaps the most widely parodied movie in history, this is the actual scene (with English subtitles) from the 2004 film Der Untergang ("Downfall") dramatizing the final days of Adolf Hitler in the bunker.
Soviet Union Forces Down Korean Air 902
On April 20, 1978, Soviet Union's fighter jets forced down Korean Air Lines Flight 902 after it strayed into USSR's air space. Two passengers were killed during the incident.
Titanic: Then and Now
Inside the Titanic now, with contrasting images of present day video and original photographs of the ship.
New Theory on Titanic's Sinking
The new theory on the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. This theory debunks the previously accepted version that was introduced in 1985.
Apollo 13: From the Brink and Back
NASA documentary of the near-fatal Apollo 13 mission in 1970, including the onboard explosion on April 13 and efforts by the ground crew and flight crew to troubleshoot the malfunction and design and implement contingency procedures to bring the crippled spacecraft home. 
Building the Titanic in Belfast
The entire photographic story of the Titanic, from construction, maiden voyage, and sinking and how the shipyard where she was built looks like today.
U.S.-China Collision Video From Spy Plane
On April 1, 2001, an EP-3E U.S. Navy surveillance aircraft collides with a Chinese Shenyang J-8 fighter jet. The Navy crew makes an emergency landing on Hainan Island and was detained while the Chinese pilot died.
Tenerife Air Disaster CGI Remake
A computer generated reinactment of the March 27, 1977 collision of KLM and Pan Am jumbo jets, the deadliest aviation disaster in history.
Exxon Valdez Disaster 20 Years On
On March 23, 1989, the Exxon Valdez left the port of Valdez headed for Long beach, Calif., with almost 54 million gallons of crude oil on board. Shortly after midnight on March 24, 1989, the supertanker collided with Bligh Reef, a well known navigation hazard, ruptured 8 of its 11 cargo tanks and...
Child's Play Crashes Russian Airliner
On March 23, 1994, Aeroflot Flight 593 from Moscow to Hong Kong stalled and crashed, killing 75 people. The pilot's 15-year-old son accidentally disabled the autopilot while in the captain's seat, causing the aircraft to bank heavily to the right, creating the stall.
Gemini 3 Launches New Era in Space
This first manned flight of the Gemini spacecraft was very much a test flight. In a playful reference to the Broadway hit The Unsinkable Molly Brown, Gus Grissom nicknamed the Gemini 3 spacecraft "Molly Brown," hoping that it would not duplicate his experience with Liberty Bell 7. A couple firsts...
Daredevil Karl Wallenda Falls to His Death
On March 22, 1978, at age 73, Karl Wallenda attempted a walk between the two towers of the 10-story Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on a wire stretched 37 metres (121 feet) above the pavement, but fell to his death when winds exceeded 48 kilometres per hour (30 miles per hour). The...
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