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Why Did Concorde Fail?

The Concorde gave us supersonic transport. But why did this supersonic plane fail? The answer is complicated — Vox's Phil Edwards investigated....

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George Brett's Pine Tar Home Run

On July 24, 1983, George Brett hit a two-run home run in the top of the ninth for the Kansas City Royals to take a 5-4 lead over the New York Yankees. Yankees manager Billy Martin noticed a large amount...

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United Flight 232 Crash Lands in Sioux City

En route from Denver to Chicago on July 19, 1989, United Airlines Flight 232 suffered a loss of all hydraulics caused by an explosion in the tail, and with it all flight controls. Nevertheless, the crew was able to steer...

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TWA Flight 800 Explodes in Mid-Air

A total of 230 people were killed on July 17, 1996, when TWA Flight 800 mysteriously exploded 12 minutes after takeoff from JFK airport in New York. The third-deadliest airplane accident on American soil, the explosion was thought by some...

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Chicago White Sox Kill Disco

The Chicago White Sox performed one of baseball's most memorable publicity stunts when on July 12, 1979, Comiskey Park played host to the Detroit Tigers for "Disco Demolition Night." Chicago radio DJ Steve Dahl hosted the event, where fans could...

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Fischer Ends Soviet Chess Domination

In 1972, American grandmaster Bobby Fischer and reigning world champion Boris Spassky of the Soviet Union played the "Match of the Century." The first game took place on July 11. Fischer showed up late and made demands, including that there...

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French Agents Sink Greenpeace Flagship

On July 10, 1985, the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior was attacked and sunk by French agents. The French government planned and authorized the attack to prevent the ship from interfering in nuclear weapons tests on the Moruroa atoll. The bombing took place...

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What Hitler's Jewish Neighbor Saw

"I knew only too well, even when I was 8 years old," says Edgar Feuchtwanger, who as a young Jewish boy in Munich lived down the street from Hitler for nine years....

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