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Vietnam's Last Battle: The Evacuation of Saigon

With North Vietnamese forces closing in on Saigon, the American Embassy became the last hope for people seeking evacuation. During the night of April 29-30, 1975, U.S. Navy helicopters airlifted thousands to aircraft carriers stationed in the South China Sea; hours after the evacuation ended, Communist forces took the South Vietnamese capital....

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Soviet Union Forces Down Korean Air 902

On April 20, 1978, Soviet Union's fighter jets forced down Korean Air Lines Flight 902 after it strayed into USSR's air space. Two passengers were killed during the incident....

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Titanic: Then and Now

Inside the Titanic now, with contrasting images of present day video and original photographs of the ship....

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New Theory on Titanic's Sinking

The new theory on the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912. This theory debunks the previously accepted version that was introduced in 1985....

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The Last Time a New York Primary Mattered

In 1988, New York was home to an ugly, three-way primary fight between Democrats Al Gore, Jesse Jackson and Michael Dukakis. ...

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Apollo 13: From the Brink and Back

NASA documentary of the near-fatal Apollo 13 mission in 1970, including the onboard explosion on April 13 and efforts by the ground crew and flight crew to troubleshoot the malfunction and design and implement contingency procedures to bring the crippled...

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Long Influence of Jackie Robinson, On and Off Field

A new PBS documentary produced by Ken Burns examines the struggles Jackie Robinson faced in breaking baseball’s color barrier -- and his achievements as a player on the diamond and as a civil rights activist in later life. John Yang...

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Building the Titanic in Belfast

The entire photographic story of the Titanic, from construction, maiden voyage, and sinking and how the shipyard where she was built looks like today....

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