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The Worst Airplane Crash on American Soil

Just after takeoff from O'Hare at 2:50 PM CDT on May 25, 1979, American Airlines flight 191's left engine broke off from the wing, severing hydraulic fluid lines and damaging the wing's leading edge. Loss of hydraulics caused the left wing's flaps to retract and the wing to stall, causing the plane to roll left and crash, just 4,600 feet from the end of the runway. All 271 people on...

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China Airlines Flight 611's Mystery Crash

On the way from Taiwan to Hong Kong on May 25, 2002, a China Airlines–operated Boeing 747 broke up at approximately 35,000 feet. The crash killed all 225 people on board and inspired theories in the media that the flight...

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Stolen Tank Rampages Through San Diego

On May 18, 1995, Army veteran Shawn Nelson drove into a California Army National Guard armory and drove out in an M60 Patton tank. Destroying everything in his path, Nelson led San Diego police on a 23-minute chase, during which...

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The Crash of ValuJet Flight 592

On May 11, 1996, a commuter jet leaving Miami crashed in the Everglades shortly after takeoff, killing all 105 passengers and five crew members. The fire was caused by loosely packed out-of-date oxygen generators placed in the plane's cargo hold,...

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Sunshine Skyway Bridge Disaster Aftermath

A local news report details the aftermath of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge disaster on May 9, 1980 in Tampa Bay. 35 people were killed when a 600-foot freighter collided with a bridge support column at 7:30 a.m., causing 1,200 feet of bridge...

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'Oh, the Humanity': The Hindenburg Disaster

Radio announcer Herbert Morrison describes the scene as the Hindenburg catches fire during a docking attempt on May 6, 1937. The Hindenburg was the world's largest airship by volume and filled with highly combustible hydrogen gas. Once the fire ignited,...

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Soviet Union Forces Down Korean Air 902

On April 20, 1978, Soviet Union's fighter jets forced down Korean Air Lines Flight 902 after it strayed into USSR's air space. Two passengers were killed during the incident....

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Titanic: Then and Now

Inside the Titanic now, with contrasting images of present day video and original photographs of the ship....

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