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War Splits Korean Peninsula

In June of 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, starting a war that saw UN troops led by the United States push the North Korean armies almost all the way to the Yalu River, the border with China. When Communist Chinese forces became involved, the war bogged down into a stalemate. After three years, an armistice was signed splitting the peninsula at the 38th parallel and creating what is now...

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Maradona Scores With 'Hand of God'

In a 1986 World Cup quarterfinal played on June 22 between Argentina and England, Diego Maradona scored two of international soccer's most memorable goals. The first of which came early in the second half, when Maradona used his hand to...

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Le Mans Crash Kills 83 Spectators

During the running of the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans on June 11, Pierre Levegh's Mercedes 300 SLR crashed into a track-side embankment, sending debris flying into a crowd of fans. Levegh and 83 spectators were killed, 120 others...

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Secretariat's Spectacular Belmont Triumph

Secretariat dominated the field by 31 lengths in the 1973 Belmont Stakes and set a race record that's yet to be beaten. The victory completed a Triple Crown that also included a race record in the Kentucky Derby. Only two...

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Air France Crash Mystery Possibly Solved

On June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, killing all 228 people on board. Two years later, analysis of the flight recorders showed evidence that the pilots...

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Mathias Rust's Daring Flight to Red Square

On May 28, 1987, in one of the more bizarre moments of the Cold War, an amateur West German pilot named Mathias Rust "evaded" Soviet defenses as he flew from Finland to Moscow and landed near Red Square. Rust said...

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The Worst Airplane Crash on American Soil

Just after takeoff from O'Hare at 2:50 PM CDT on May 25, 1979, American Airlines flight 191's left engine broke off from the wing, severing hydraulic fluid lines and damaging the wing's leading edge. Loss of hydraulics caused the left...

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China Airlines Flight 611's Mystery Crash

On the way from Taiwan to Hong Kong on May 25, 2002, a China Airlines–operated Boeing 747 broke up at approximately 35,000 feet. The crash killed all 225 people on board and inspired theories in the media that the flight...

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