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Frederick Valentich's Unsolved Disappearance

Frederick Valentich was an Australian pilot who disappeared on Oct. 21, 1978. His mysterious disappearance seems to be connected to an unidentified flying object that Valentich himself claimed was ‘playing games’ with him in the minutes before radio control lost all contact with him. He and his aircraft have never been seen again. Send to a Friend |

Indonesia Executes Bali Bombers

Three Indonesian militants, implicated in the Oct. 12, 2002 Bali nightclub bombing that killed 202 people, were executed in 2008. Send to a Friend |

Japanese Subs Infiltrate Sydney Harbour

On the night of May 31, 1942, the Japanese Navy attacked Sydney Harbour with three Ko-hyoteki two-man submarines — the first time in history that the city had come under attack. The subs were detected and attacked, causing two of the crews to scuttle their ships and commit suicide. The third sub, in an attempt to sink the USS Chicago, instead sank the HMAS Kuttabul, killing 21 sailors. The sub escaped the harbor but was later found wrecked off of Sydney's northern beaches. Send to a Friend |

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