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'Oh, the Humanity': The Hindenburg Disaster

Radio announcer Herbert Morrison describes the scene as the Hindenburg catches fire during a docking attempt on May 6, 1937. The Hindenburg was the world's largest airship by volume and filled with highly combustible hydrogen gas. Once the fire ignited, the airship was completely destroyed in less than 40 seconds, and 36 of 97 people on board were killed. Send to a Friend |

Original Scenes From 'Downfall'

Perhaps the most widely parodied movie in history, this is the actual scene (with English subtitles) from the 2004 film Der Untergang ("Downfall") dramatizing the final days of Adolf Hitler in the bunker. Send to a Friend |

European Border Change Over Last 1,000 Years

Watch how European nations' borders changed from the Middle Ages until today. Send to a Friend |

Hitler's Bloodless Conquest of Austria

Austrian-born Adolf Hilter, now Fuhrer of the Third Reich, successfully annexed Austria in an event called "Anschluss," taking yet another step toward German domination of Europe. Send to a Friend |

Nazi Germany Remilitarizes Rhineland

Defying the Versailles Treaty, Adolf Hitler ordered German troops to enter and remilitarize the Rhineland on March 7, 1936. Western allies' inability to stop the process emboldened Hitler to commit more aggression in later years. Send to a Friend |

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