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Alllied Airlift Saves Starved West Berlin

In late June 1948, the U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force began supplying necessary supplies like food, coal, household goods and more to the people of West Berlin. The former German capital lay wholly in Soviet-controlled East Germany, and the Soviets had cut off land and water connections between Berlin and U.S.-controlled zones. The USAF and RAF combined to deliver 2,326,406 tons of goods on 278,228 flights. Send to a Friend |

Hitler's Triumphant Tour of Paris

Following the French surrender in 1940 and the cessation of hostilities, Hitler toured Paris with architect Albert Speer. During the tour on June 23, Hitler decided that Paris, though beautiful, didn't need to be destroyed because Berlin would be made far more grand, and he assigned that task to Speer. Send to a Friend |

Germany Invades Soviet Union

On June 22, 1941, Germany launched the largest military offensive in history, mobilizing over 4.5 million troops, 600,000 motor vehicles, and 750,000 horses along a 1,800-mile front. Initial overwhelming victories led the Germans to believe that the war on the eastern front was as good as won, as the Soviet armies were woefully under-equipped. Send to a Friend |

Hitler Exacts Revenge on France

Adolf Hitler, on June 21, 1940, forced France to surrender in the same location and railway carriage in the Compiegne forest where the Germans had signed the armistice ending World War I in 1918. The WWI defeat had been humiliating for Germany, and Hitler's swift conquest of France turned German public opinion strongly in his favor. Send to a Friend |

Rudolf Hess Stands Trial in Nuremberg

Rudolf Hess, who became Deputy to the Fuhrer in 1933 and third in line of succession after Hitler and Goring, flew himself to Britain on May 10, 1941, and parachuted into Scotland, where he was found by a farmer. Hess claimed to be on a mission seeking peace with Britain, but was held as a prisoner of war in Wales until being tried at Nuremberg in 1945. Hess was sentenced to life in Spandau Prison, where he died in 1987. Send to a Friend |