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The Fall of the Berlin Wall

On the night of Nov. 9, 1989, the East German government opened border crossings with West Germany, including the Berlin Wall fronting the famed Brandenburg Gate. Send to a Friend |

Kristallnacht: Night of the Broken Glass

After German diplomat Ernst vom Rath was gunned down by Jewish assassin Herschel Grynszpan in Paris, Joseph Goebbels used the incident to instigate the 1938 national pogrom Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Glass), a prelude to the Holocaust. Send to a Friend |

World War II in Europe: Every Day

This video shows the changing front lines of the European Theater of World War II every day from the German invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939 to the surrender of Germany on May 9, 1945. Send to a Friend |

The Rise and Fall of Prussia

Prussia was one of the five modern great powers. The other great powers were Austria, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. Prussia is the only country of these which disappeared completely from the European map. This is an interactive video of Prussia's territorial history. Send to a Friend |

WWII Spy Files Reveal Nazi Secrets

Secret MI5 files have been released that reveal an unusual liaison between a British teenager and a Gestapo officer in Paris in the 1940s. Send to a Friend |

The Horrific Siege of Leningrad

Nazi Germany unleashed 100 divisions in its invasion of Soviet Union in June 1941. By late August, Wehrmacht forces had Leningrad surrounded as Stalin's army neared collapse. The siege began on Sept. 8 and would last 900 days. Send to a Friend |

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