How FDR Nudged U.S. Into World War II

Well the Atlantic conference in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland is a dramatic moment in World War II history because for the first time, Roosevelt and Churchill are meeting face to face in this war.


They had had an earlier meeting back during World War I, but Churchill certainly didn't remember it. But for the first time now in World War II they're getting together and having a summit conference. And the two of the great world class leaders are coming together and they're going to confer on how their two democracies can combat Nazism, fascism. There's a lot of worry in the United States when it's revealed that Roosevelt went to meet with Churchill that he's mixing us up too much in British affairs and that he's going to draw us into this war. And they're deeply concerned. On the other hand there's also the feeling that this is a very good idea because what they're doing out of this conference is issuing what they call the Atlantic Charter. And that they stand for the principles of freedom of religion, of free speech, of free assembly, of national sovereignty, of nonaggression. They are standing together for those time-honored principles of constitutionalism and democracy that the American people are very committed to.


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