Will There Ever Be Another Steve Jobs?

Will There Ever Be Another Steve Jobs?
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File

On August 24, 2011, as Steve Jobs's health declined, a then 50-year-old Tim Cook stepped up to fill the Apple C.E.O.'s shoes. Now, nearly five years later, the chief executive of the notoriously press-shy tech company has given a lengthy interview to The Washington Post, touching on everything from succeeding Jobs as C.E.O. to the company's highly publicized battle with the F.B.I. earlier this year. The interview is sprawling, and though Cook refuses to discuss certain topics—namely the existence of Apple's secret car project—the nearly-10,000 words he does say give rare insight into how he runs the world's most valuable company. “It's sort of a lonely job,” Cook said. “The adage that it's lonely—the C.E.O. job is lonely—is accurate in a lot of ways.”

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