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Dear Reader:

Welcome to RealClearHistory. We're joining now nearly a dozen RealClear sites to deliver the best articles and multi-media works from around the world all in one place, every day.

Our mission is to cover history like nowhere else. Each day we will publish an update focusing on the biggest historical events that took place on that date and also other history-related commentaries and analyses. This will include articles, videos, photo galleries and slide shows from publications ranging from newspapers and magazines to websites devoted to historical research.

We will also shortly debut daily posts in our blog "Historically Correct" to provide more information and links on historical events going back to antiquity all the way to the close of the 20th century.

In the meantime, we're continuing the work to perfect our site as you may see some minor changes in the coming days, all in an effort to make the site easy to navigate and user-friendly. So pardon our dust!

Thank you for visiting us and we absolutely welcome comments and suggestions on how to improve and expand our site. Please contact us at sam@realclearpolitics.com.



Samuel Chi
Editor, RealClearHistory

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