RealClearHistory Morning Edition

Korean War's Ghost Pilots and Mystery Planes - Mark Sauter, RCH
World War III Over Bangladesh? - Mahbub Sarwar, New Atlanticist
India Delivers a Major Beatdown on Pakistan - Global Security
What If India, Pakistan Fought Today? - Christopher Clary, MIT
Cold War Ends Peacefully at Malta - Savranskaya & Blanton, NSA
Condi Rice: On Scene at the End of Cold War - Conclusion
Did Murrow Take Down McCarthy? - W.J. Campbell, Media Myth Alert
Terry Anderson's 7 Years in Captivity - Mark Dawidziak, Plain Dealer
Media Hype Stirs 'Jena 6' Furor - Craig Franklin, CS Monitor
Amanda Knox and Sordid Murder Trial - Judy Bachrach, Vanity Fair