Lincoln Did Far More Than Win Civil War

With 1,500 books on Abe Lincoln, historians highlight two feats of the 16th president:


He won the Civil War.


He freed the slaves.




Yet Lincoln reigned in the White House four years, from 1861 until his murder in 1865. What else did he accomplish in those 1,503 days?


1. Nationalized America's money.


2. Set out the transcontinental railroad.


3. Opened the West to settlers.


4. Started Thanksgiving.


"Even without the Civil War, you could still look back at Lincoln as a hinge president," Allen Guelzo, a Gettysburg College professor and author of five Lincoln books, told IBD. "Like with Jefferson's election in 1800 and Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 and some ways with Reagan in 1980, the political landscape undergoes a huge shift under Lincoln."


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