1996TWA Flight 800 Explodes After Takeoff
1203Fourth Crusaders Sack Constantinople
2011Casey Anthony Released From Prison
1945Allied Leaders Meet in Potsdam Conference
1945'Big Three' Meet for Potsdam Conference
1936Spanish Civil War Begins
1941Joe DiMaggio's Hitting Streak Ends
This Day in History: July 17

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1999JFK Jr. Crashes Plane, Killing All Aboard
1918Germans Launch 2nd Battle of Marne
1945U.S. Explodes First Atomic Bomb in Test
1918Russia's Romanov Family Executed
1904Mad Trapper of Rat River Leaves for U.S.
1790Washington D.C. Is Established as U.S. Capital
1769California's 1st Mission Dedicated
1971Nixon Announces Decision to Go to China
1965Mount Blanc Tunnel Between France and Italy Opens
1988'Die Hard' Debuts
This Day in History: July 16