1453Ottomans Conquer Constantinople
1453Constantinople Falls to Ottoman Empire
1896Tzar Nicholas II Crowned
1865Confederate General Smith Surrenders
1431Joan of Arc Burnt as a Heretic in Rouen
1905Battle of Tsushima Strait
1806Andrew Jackson Kills Charles Dickinson in Duel
1637Pequot Massacre in Connecticut
1943Olympian Louis Zamperini's Plane Goes Down
1908First Oil Strike in Persian
This Day in History: May 27

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1942Reinhard Heydrich Assassinated
1863Henry Plummer Becomes Sheriff in Montana
1940Allied Evacuation of Dunkirk Begins
1941German Battleship Bismarck Is Sunk
1509Henry VIII Coronation
1738Treaty Ends Pennsylvania-Maryland Conflict
1883Brooklyn Bridge Opens
1959John Foster Dulles Dies
19796-Year-Old Etan Patz Disappears in New York
1935MLB's First Night Game Played in Cincinnati
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