1941Pearl Habor Among Most Iconic WWII Photos
1949'Great Leap Forward' Mostly Resulted in Death
1783American Revolution Ends
1776American Spy Nathan Hale Executed
1779American Navy Wins Battle of Flamborough Head
1780Life After Treason a Mixed Bag
1967American Basketball Association Dead, Not Forgotten
1988Ben Johnson Wins 100 Meters at Seoul Olympics
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1868How Scots Influenced Birth of Ku Klux Klan
1780Benedict Arnold Joins British Command
1964First Supersonic Bomber XB-70 Takes Flight
1692Accused of Witchcraft, Man Pressed to Death
1967Russia's Secret War Against Israel
1953North Korean Pilot Defects With MiG-15
1946First Cannes Film Festival Held
This Day in History: Sept. 20