1812War of 1812 Starts Formally Begins
1792Naval Hero John Paul Jones Dies in Paris
1969Ted Kennedy Drives Car Off Chappaquiddick Bridge
1863Assault on Battery Wagner
1942Germany Tests Me-262 Fighter for First Time
1995Montserrat's Soufriere Hills Volcano Erupts
This Day in History: July 18

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1996TWA Flight 800 Blows Up Over Long Island
2014Malaysia Flight 17 Shot Down Over Ukraine
1944Deadly Explosion at Port Chicago
1945Start of Potsdam Conference
1941Joe DiMaggio's Hit Streat Ends vs. Cleveland
1203Fourth Crusaders Sack Constantinople
1955California's Disneyland Opens
1936Spanish Civil War Begins
1936Spanish Civil War Begins
This Day in History: July 17