1942Carlson's Raiders Land on Makin Island
1943WW II: Raid of Schweinfurt-Regensburg
1992NBA Legend Larry Bird Retires
1991Hardliners Stage Coup Against Mikhail Gorbachev
1998Drudge Report Breaks News of Clinton Affair
1998Clinton Admits to Lewinsky Affair
1998Clinton Testifies Before Grand Jury
1942Germans Repel Allied Landing in Dieppe
1987Rudolf Hess Found Dead in Spandau Prison
This Day in History: Aug. 17

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1987Northwest Flight 255 Crashes in Detroit
1927Dole Air Race to Hawaii Begins in Oakland
1977Rock Star Elvis Presley Dies
1896Start of Klondike Gold Rush
1955Paul Robeson Loses Passport Appeal
1813War of 1812: Battle of Thames
1945Soviet Troops Capture Puyi in Manchuria
1920Beanball Kills Indians' Ray Chapman
This Day in History: Aug. 16