1955First Flight of F-105 Thunder Chief Prototype
1962U.S. Reveals Soviets Has Missiles in Cuba
1836Sam Houston Sworn in as President of Texas
1931George Washington Bridge Opens to Traffic
42Brutus Commits Suicide After Defeat in Battle
1942Operation Torch Landings
1941Field Marshal Zhukov Takes Command of Red Army
1907Ringling Bros. Buys Barnum & Bailey

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1944Start of Battle of Leyte Gulf
1941Germans Massacre Thousands at Kragujevac
1944World War II: Battle of Leyte Gulf
1983Grenada's Maurice Bishop Assassinated
1837U.S. Troops Siege Indian Chief Osceola
1805Napoleon Defeated at Battle of Trafalgar
1969Jack Kerouac Dies in St. Petersburgh, Florida
1836Founding of the Republic of Texas
1955First Microwave Oven Is Introduced
1977Members of Lynyrd Skynyrd Killed, Injured in Crash