1889Anniversary of Hitler's Birth
1896Battle of Adwa
1916Ireland's Easter Rebellion Begins
1980Iran Hostage Rescue Mission Aborted
1980U.S. Hostage Rescure Mission Botched
1988Accused War Criminal John Demjanjuk Sentenced
404Athens Defeated in Peloponnesian War
1997Rangers, Giants Play MLB's First Interleague Game
This Date in History: April 24

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2004Ex-NFL Player Pat Tillman Killed in Afghanistan
1969Sirhan Sirhan Gets Death Penalty
1778John Paul Jones Burns Whitehaven, England
1942Germans Launch Baedeker Raids
1916Ireland's Easter Uprising Begins in Dublin
1915Germans Use Poison Gas at Ypres
1945Red Army Makes Final Advance on Berlin
1975Baader-Meinhof Gang Seizes West German Embassy
1564William Shakespeare Born
This Date in History: April 23