1781Battle of Yorktown Ends
1914History's Only Sub-to-Sub Kill
1959Wernher von Braun Reassigned to NASA
1950Chinese Cross Yalu River Into Korea
1805Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Trafalgar
1962China Launches Sino-Indian War
1934FBI Men Kill Bank Robber 'Pretty Boy' Floyd
1991Fire in Oakland Hills
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1306Robert the Bruce Reign in Scotland Begins
1767Mason-Dixon Line Completed
1812Napoleon Withdraws From Moscow
1898Puerto Rico Becomes U.S. Territory
1867Here's Why Russia Sold Alaska to U.S.
1974Soul Singer Al Green Scalded by Grits
1988Poplular Sitcom 'Roseanne' Debuts
1923Princess Anne Antoinette Francois Charlotte Born
1781British Surrender at Yorktown
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