1949Israel, Arab States Agree to Armistice
1764Russia's Ivan VI's Assassinated
2006Securitas Bank Robbery
1856Republicans Hold First Convention in Pittsburgh
1980U.S. Hockey's 'Miracle on Ice'
1994CIA's Aldrich Ames Arrested for Spying
1915Germany Announces Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
2014Drug Lord 'El Chapo' Arrested
1902Fistfight Breaks Out on Senate Floor
This Day in History: February 22

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1848Marx's Communist Manifesto Published
1916WWI: Battle of Verdun Begins
1968Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated in Memphis
1965Black Panthers Assassinate Malcolm X
1965Malcom X Assassinated in New York City
1885Washington Monument Dedicated
1972President Nixon Visits Communist China
1972Nixon Goes to China
1916WWI: Battle of Verdun Begins
This Day in History: February 21