1864Jefferson Davis Visits John Bell Hood in Georgia
1918World War I Officially Ends
1580Sir Francis Drake Completes Around-the-World Sail
1960Breaking Down 1st Television Debate
1933'Machine Gun Kelly' Surrenders to FBI
1978Mid-Air Collision in San Diego
1687Dutch Vote to Support Invasion of England
1789Bill of Rights Passes Congress
1975How Vietnam War Has Affected Choices in Afghanistan
1923Babe Ruth Cheated and His Legend Grew
This Day in History: Sept. 25

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1864Opponents Right to Fear Bedford
19291st Instrument-Only Flight by Doolittle
1513Balboa Reaches Pacific Ocean
1957Ike Sends National Guard to Enforce Desegregation
195760 Years Later, Integration Still at Issue
1890Mormons Renounce Plural Marriage
1775Ethan Allen Surrenders at Montreal
17891st 6 Supreme Court Justices Confirmed
2001Mets Play 1st Post-911 Pro Sports Game in NYC
This Day in History: Sept. 24

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