1942Butch O'Hare Becomes 1st WW II Ace
1986Channel Tunnel Plans Announced
1942Japan Bombs Northern Australian City Darwin
1864Civil War's Battle of Olustee
1974AJC Editor Reginald Murphy Kidnapped
1946Royal Indian Navy Mutinies in Bombay
1973Israel Shoots Down Passenger Jet
1962John Glenn Becomes First American to Orbit Earth
This Day in History: Feb. 20

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1945U.S. Marines Invade Iwo Jima and Okinawa
1945WW II: Battle of Iwo Jima
1943Afrika Korps and Battle of Kasserine Pass
1861Jefferson Davis Becomes Confederate President
1847Donner Party Survivors Rescued
1807Ex-Vice President Aaron Burr Arrested for Treason
1942FDR Signs Order 9066
1942FDR Signs Executive Order to Intern Japanese-Americans
1943White Rose Resistance Leaders Arrested
2010Tiger Apologizes for Cheating on Wife
This Day in History: Feb. 19