1944WW II: Allies Capture Cherbourg
1940Germans Use Engima Machine for First Time
1905Crew of Battleship Potemkin Mutinies
1864Civil War: Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
1864Civil War's Battle of Kennesaw Mountain
1941Romania Initiates Pogrom to Liquidate Jews
1807British Defeated at Buenos Aires
1844Mormon Leader Joseph Smith Murdered
1991Slovenia Begins Ten Day War for Independence
1985Route 66 Decommissioned
This Day in History: June 27

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1862Civil War: Start of Seven Days Battle
1862Civil War's Seven Days Battles
1948Allied's Airlift to Relieve West Berlin Begins
1936Flight of FIrst Helicopter
1917First U.S. Troops Arrive on Western Front
1541Francisco Pizarro Assassinated
2003Ex-Senator Strom Thurmond Dies
1948'Operation Vittles' aka Berlin Airlift Begins
1959Saint Lawrence Seaway Opens
1956Congress Approves U.S. Highway Act
This Day in History: June 26

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