1943Nazi Blobel Begins Cover Up of Holocaust
1864Civil War Battle of Petersburg Begins
1972Watergate Burglers Arrested
1215Magna Carta Sealed
1994O.J. Simpson's Slow-Motion Car Chase
1917U.S. Passes Espionage Act
1846Oregon Treaty Marks Border at 49th Parallel
1859Border Dispute over San Juan Island Erupts
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1985Hezbollah Hijacks TWA Flight 847
1789HMS Bounty Mutiny Survivors Reach Timor
1982Argentine Forces Surrender in Falklands War
1800Napoleon's Forces Win Battle of Marengo
1985TWA 847 Hijacked by Hezbollah
1954Eisenhower Signs Bill to Include 'Under God' in Pledge
1930Uruguay Hosts 1st World Cup
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