1945Heinrick Himmler Commits Suicide in Custody
1945Heinrich Himmler Commits Suicide While in Custody
1939Axis Powers Formed, Sign Pact of Steel
1939Axis Powers Formed
1701Capt. William Kidd Hanged for Piracy
1864Reno Gang's $98K Train Heist
1934Criminal Pair Bonnie and Clyde Killed in Ambush
This Day in History: May 22

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1471Henry VI Executed at Tower of London
19242 Chicagoans Murder Teen for Thrills
1995Oklahoma City Bombing Precipitates Pennsylvania Avenue Closing
1968Nuclear-Powered Sub USS Scorpion Sinks
1863Union Troops Begin to Lay Siege to Vicksburg
1774British Parliament Passes Coercive Acts
1932Amelia Earhart Completes Transatlantic Flight
2002Remains of Missing Chandra Levy Found
1874Levi Strauss Begins Making Blue Jeans With Rivets