1983Klaus Barbie Arrested in Bolivia
1943Deportations From Warsaw to Treblinka Resume
1871German Empire Proclaimed at Versailles
1862President John Tyler Dies
1419Henry V Completes Reconquest of Normandy
1912Explorer Robert Scott Reaches Antarctica
1915Germany Carries Out Zeppelin Raid on Britain
1776Royal Governor of Georgia Arrested
1915Japan Presents China with '21 Demands'
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1942Start of German Operation Reinhard
2017USS Fitzgerald's Deadly Collision
1781Revolutionary War: Battle of Cowpens
1943U.S. Drops Its First Bomb on Germany
1966U.S. 'Loses' H-Bombs in Spain
1961Eisenhower Issues Warning in Farewell Speech
1893U.S. Overthrows Hawaiian Monarchy
1950Armed Gunmen Commit Robbery in Boston
1994Northridge Earthquake Devastates Los Angeles
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