1864Sherman's March to the Sea Begins
19181st Version of Treaty of Versailles Presented
1917Georges Clemenceau Becomes French Prime Minister
1889Brazil's Last Emperor Deposed
1913Federal Reserve Created
1945U.S. Launches Operation Paperclip
1806Explorer Zebulon Pike Spots Mountain, Now Pike's Peak
1558Elizabeth I Behind the Mask
1957Ed Gein Commits His Last Murder
1956Elvis Makes Film Debut in 'Love Me Tender'
This Day in History: Nov. 15

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1969Soviet Sub K-19 and USS Gato Collide
1882Arizona's Billy the Kid Killed
1967Marine General Hochmuth Killed
1945Oder-Neisse Line Accepted in Potsdam Agreement
1965Vietnam War: Battle of Ia Drang Valley
1942World War II: Naval Battle of Guadalcanal
1985Colombia's Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Eruption
1965Craig Breedlove Drives Jet-Powered Car at 600 MPH
This Day in History: Nov. 14

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