Rocket Blasts London's Woolworths

This story was submitted to the Peopleâ??s War site by Pennie Hedge, a volunteer from BBC London, on behalf of Barbara Smith, and has been added to the site with her permission. Mrs Smith fully understands the siteâ??s terms and conditions.

I was nine years of age when the war started. My father had died, my brother was away in the RAF, and our school was being evacuated. My mother said to me â??would you like to be evacuated with the school, Barbara, or would you like to stay with me? But if you do, youâ??ll have to be in the air raid shelter every night.â? So I said, â??No, Iâ??d rather be with you.â? My aunty came to live with us. And every night we went off to the air raid shelter.

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