Confessions of Brutal Killings in Nanking

"After that, we successively had a number of prisoners surrendering to us. It became a group of several thousands. The extremely enraged soldiers adversely reacted to the officers' attempts to restrain them and butchered the captives one after another," wrote Major General Sasaki Touichi, commander of the Sasaki Detachment of the 16th Division of the Shanghai Expeditionary Force, of the day his troops entered the city.


"Looking back at the last ten days of hardships and bloodshed that killed and wounded many of our buddies, though I am not a mere common soldier, I am in favor of saying, 'Kill them all!' We ran out of even a grain of rice and, though maybe there are some in the city, I am certain that our Army wouldn't have any extra to feed the prisoners."66


The next day, on December 14, Sasaki officially commanded his troops not to take any prisoners unless ordered to do so.67


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