Demise and Discovery of Israel's Sub

For 31 years Israel never ceased her effort to find her lost sons. One of Israel's strongest traditions is to bring home all killed and missing soldiers. In Israel's 52 years of existence she paid dearly for getting the remains of her MIA warriors. Jews will do their outmost in order to give a proper Jewish burial to every Jewish deceased.

For 31 years the search went on, year after year. 25 search missions were launched, every expedition searched a different part of the Mediterranean. Along the years more advanced methods and techniques were used together with the development of the marine and deep-sea science and technology.


For 31 years all effort were in vain. 25 missions that searched almost every part of the eastern Mediterranean were fruitless. As weird as it sounds, the only area that was not checked was along Dakar's route to Haifa. Along a virtual course between her last known position point and Haifa. Why did it take 31 years to find Dakar where she logically should have been. The answer has 2 parts. One is the emergency buoy marker that was washed to the coast of Khan Yunis a year after Dakar's disappearance and the other part of the answer is the advanced techniques for deep sea exploration that were developed along the last 3 decades and became handy just lately.

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