Jeffrey Dahmer's Grisly Cannibalism and Crimes

Why does a Jeffrey Dahmer happen?  How does a man become a serial killer, necrophiliac, cannibal and psychopath?  Very few convincing answers are forthcoming, despite a spate of books that propose to explain the origins of the problem.


Many of the theories would have you believe that the answers can always be found in childhood abuse, bad parenting, head trauma, fetal alcoholism and drug addiction.   Perhaps in some cases, these are contributing factors, but not for Jeffrey Dahmer.


His father, Lionel Dahmer, wrote a very sad and poignant book called A Father's Story, which explores the very common phenomenon of a parents trying desperately to give their child a good upbringing and discovering to their horror that their child has built a high wall around himself from which their influence is progressively shut out.  While fortunately, most parents do not have a Jeffrey Dahmer to raise, too many have seen their children succumb to drugs, alcohol, crime despite their very best and often frantic efforts to intervene.

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