How Eric Rudolph Evaded Authorities

When the Olympics came to Atlanta in the summer of 1996, the city was in a "feel-good frenzy," as a writer in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution put it. Hundreds of thousands of people, both locals and out-of-towners, were enjoying the "high-octane mixture of athletic excellence and world-class partying."


The Olympic games were held at Centennial Olympic Park, which was constructed specifically for the Olympics but would remain a permanent part of downtown Atlanta.


Only three years before in 1993 much of the area now comprising this magnificent recreational venue was covered by ugly, rundown buildings, some of them abandoned, and empty lots. The park is now lovely with its most prominent structure being the Fountain of Rings, the world's largest interactive fountain. Standing 85.5 feet in total length, it features five Olympic Rings, each of which is 25 feet in diameter, large enough so that two cars could easily be parked within each ring.

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