Dr. No: Sean Connery's Star Turn

Dr. No: Sean Connery's Star Turn
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 Dr. No (1962) is the first of the James Bond series of action-packed spy thrillers, and it played a key role in establishing the Bond character as a recognizable icon in popular American contemporary culture. Bond began as a well-known literary figure in the works of British writer Ian Fleming (the first Bond book was Casino Royale, written in 1953). Terence Young, the film's director, went on to direct two other Bond films, From Russia With Love (1963), considered by many to be the definitive James Bond film, and the fourth film in the series, Thunderball (1965).


All James Bond films feature clever opening title sequences and trademark theme music, sexy and beautiful women, great diabolical villains, exotic, international locales, the calm manner and witty, subtle humor and repartee of the mythic hero 007, violence, terrific action sequences, stunts and chase scenes, narrow escapes, gimmicks, humor, and great cinematography. Its predictable formula stars the debonair, dashing and charming British "Secret Agent 007," James Bond, with great taste in clothes, wine, food, and exotic, sexy women.

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