George Carlin's Brilliant 1st SNL

George Carlin's Brilliant 1st SNL
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George Carlin: Thank you! Talk about a live show! It's nice to see you, welcome, and thanks for joining us - live. Um.. I'm kinda glad that we're on at night, so that we're not competing with all the football and baseball. So many, man.. And this is the time of year when there's both, you know? 


Football's kinda nice, they changed it a little bit - they moved the hash marks in. Guys found it and smoked them, anyway! But you know, football wants to be the number-one sport, the national pasttime. And I think it already is, really, because football represents something we are - we are Europe, Jr. When you get right down to it, we're Europe, Jr. We play a Eurpe game. What was the Europe game? [ high voice ] "Let's take their land away from them! You'll be the pink, on up; we'll be blue, the red and the green!" 

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