Why Loughner Shot Gabrielle Giffords

Why Loughner Shot Gabrielle Giffords
AP Photo/James Palka, File

The La Toscana Village is a shopping mall like most others in Tucson, except it happens to be in one of the city's tonier neighborhoods. Here, the rugged Santa Catalina Mountains give way to gently rolling foothills in the high desert. Many of Tucson's prominent families live in the area, in sprawling ranch-style homes, surrounded by well-groomed flora. The mall has banks, a flower shop and, at the back of the parking lot of the Safeway, a Beyond Bread, the favorite bakery belonging to Tucson's star restaurateur, Sam Fox. It was toward Beyond Bread, shortly after 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, that everyone ran when the shooting began at the La Toscana Safeway.

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