Could Allies Have Prevented Hitler's Rise?

There is virtually no outcome in history that is unavoidable. History has shown that both World Wars were eminently avoidable as was, of course, the rise of Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, and the Jewish Holocaust which he perpetuated. World War I was to be “the war to end all wars” and “the war to make the world safe for democracy” as moral crusader U.S. President Woodrow Wilson stated. Instead, the victory that the Allies had won at the cost of millions of soldiers' lives was largely lost at the Treaty of Versailles due to the fact that the Treaty divided Germany into two separate parts divided by the so-called Polish Corridor ensuring that it would only be an armistice for twenty years as was presciently predicted by French Marshal Ferdinand Foch. While the treaty was rightly considered very punitive in certain respects, it was not a Carthaginian peace such as the Allies imposed on Germany in 1945 when they dismembered and largely destroyed Germany.

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