How Versailles Sowed Seeds for WWII

With Germany's decision to seek an armistice - or face domestic as well as military collapse - arrangements were set in place to convene a peace conference in Paris; the city was unanimously selected by the Allied powers.


The conference began somewhat belatedly in mid-January with opening addresses from many of the key Allies.


Click here to read French Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau's opening address in which he accepted the presidency of the peace conference.  Click here to read the welcoming address given to delegates by French President Raymond Poincare; click here to read the opening address by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson; click here to read British Prime Minister David Lloyd George's address; click here to read Italian Prime Minister Sidney Sonnino's address.  Click here to read an account of the run up to the opening session by the official British observer Sisley Huddleston.


Click here to read the German delegation's protest against the final Allied peace terms.  Reproduced below is the text of the Allied response.  Click here to read a Dutch newspaper editorial condemning the Allied terms.  Click here to read a journalist's account of the signing ceremony.


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