'Snow White' Was Disney's Big Gamble

Welcome to Persistence Of Vision, where the spotlight is thrown on animation history's illustrious past, present and future! So how better than to start with a brief overview on the making of the “one that started it all”, Walt Disney's 1937 triumphant Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs? Restored and released as the first of the series of Platinum Edition double disc DVD sets from Disney, Snow White changed not only the face of animation, but of film-making in general. Without it, we wouldn't have had MGM's The Wizard Of Oz that followed it soon after in 1939, or many of Disney's subsequent animated features.

Walt Disney would have eventually produced a full-length animated film. It was his dream – the ambition that drove him and his company, the Walt Disney Studios. Created with his brother Roy O. Disney in the early 1920s after a string of other animated endeavours including the Alice Comedies, the Disney Bros Studio, as it was originally known, first tasted real success with the launch of the Oswald The Lucky Rabbit character based shorts, for distributor Universal. As the well-known legend goes, Universal balked at the rising costs of Disney's shorts and “hi-jacked” production away from Walt. He returned to Los Angeles bitter at Universal and determined never to work for anyone else ever again. He had an idea for his next character, a mouse…

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