The Dalton Brother That Lived, and Told About It

Trains brought people from nearby towns, who sliced keepsakes from his dead brothers' clothes where they lay; clipped hair from the manes and tails of their fallen horses and cut the strings off their saddles. In the street, he was nearly picked over for souvenirs himself before he was carried upstairs, where only the coroner's word that he would die prevented a lynching.

Now up in Doctor Well's office the deathwatch was underway for the last and youngest of the Dalton gang. Emmett had suffered more than twenty wounds in that day's shooting, and his name had already appeared with the published dead from the raid when a newspaper writer made his way into the room where Emmett lay under guard. He opened a notebook in which to copy down the young man's last statement, noting “The physicians attending him say he cannot possibly survive.”

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