How 'Angel of Death' Eluded Justice


BONN — Though he was one of the most hated and sought after men at the end of World War II, the escape from Europe of the Nazi war criminal known as the


``Angel of Death`` was remarkably smooth, according to documents provided to a West German magazine.


The name of Dr. Josef Mengele appeared on a list of wanted war criminals issued by the United Nations War Crimes Commission, yet the SS hauptsturmfuehrer (captain) who performed cruel pseudo-medical experiments on Jewish prisoners at the Auschwitz concentration camp apparently traveled with near impunity across the continent.


As in South America later, fellow SS members and other benefactors were at hand to help and protect him in critical situations, the documents said. His friends in South America kept the public from knowing until recently that Mengele had drowned while swimming at a Brazilian beach in 1979.


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