'Quarterback' in the Air: What It's Like to Fly F-35

'Quarterback' in the Air: What It's Like to Fly F-35
AP Photo/Ariel Schalit, File

Lots of people love the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, one of the most advanced, stealthiest warplanes on the planet. And lots of people loathe it, pointing to the ballooning costs and arguing America's newest fighter is more flash than function. But what's it like to fly it?

Despite all the public acrimony about the plane, we haven't heard much from the men and women who will strap into the cockpit. So, with F-35s now entering service in the U.S. and abroad, Popular Mechanics asked Air Force pilot and host of “The Professionals Playbook” podcast, Major Justin “Hasard” Lee, what it takes to fly the fighter.

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