MacArthur's 'Foul Trick of Deception'

On 4 February 1942, the submarine Trout arrived at Corregidor to transfer Philippine Treasury gold to a safe place and evacuate Lieutenant Colonel Warren J. Clear, an intelligence officer. Before departing, Clear revealed to MacArthur that the Arcadia Conferences, held in Washington between 22 December 1941 and 14 January 1942, and involving the chiefs of staff of the United States and Britain, had produced agreement between the United States and Britain "that only the minimum of force necessary for the safeguarding of vital interests in other theaters should be diverted from the operations against Germany". In a study that the US Army planners had produced on 3 January 1942, they demonstrated that MacArthur's plan for reinforcement of the Philippines from Australia was impractical while the Japanese ruled the seas in the western Pacific. The Army planners described MacArthur's plan as "an entirely unjustifiable diversion of forces from the principal theater - the Atlantic".


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