Details, Including Order of Battle and Maps, of Battle of Coral Sea

The Battle of Coral Sea occurred on May 4-8, 1942 in the Pacific Theater of World War 2. The naval battles that comprised the battle took place off of the northeastern coast of Australia and included the forces of Australia and the United States who took on the Japanese navy. The battle would prove significant as the first aircraft carrier battle fought and was the first to see no direct ship versus ship action. All attacks during the battle were conducted by aircraft and the Battle of Coral Sea would become the largest naval battle fought near the coast of Australia.

What is the Significance of the Battle of Coral Sea?
The Battle of Coral Sea is considered a significant World War 2 battle today for two reasons:

Yorktown conducts aircraft operations in the Pacific sometime before the battle. A fleet oiler is in the near background.

1 – The battle would stop Japanese plans for the invasion of the Australian Port Moresby from sea.

2 – It would be the first time during World War 2 that the Japanese experienced failure during combat.

3 – After later analysis, the battle would be considered a tactical defeat for the Allied Powers, but a strategic victory since Japanese forces lost and ships placed out of commission during the battle would not be available for the Battle of Midway.

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