Was Kit Carson 'Atrocious' or American Hero?

For many Americans, the name Kit Carson invokes several of the greatest elements of the American character: bravery, self-sufficiency, and the thrill of exploration. For some, Carson's name stands for victory over hostile native tribes. But for one group of ethnic grievance activists in Taos, New Mexico, Carson represents racism and American evil. One local politician even drew a direct comparison between Carson and Hitler.

Taos is the site of Kit Carson Memorial Park, where Carson is buried. The Taos Town Council recently voted to change the name of the Kit Carson Memorial Park to Red Willow Park. The council has since dropped the name change to Red Willow Park, but the council still plans on renaming the area of the park beyond Carson's graveyard. But has anyone stopped to ask what Kit Carson actually did, or why he is being slandered?



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