Timoto-Cuica: Tale of a Lost Nation

When we speak of the pre-Columbian South American civilizations, the first to come to mind are the Incas, the Tiwanaku, the Nazca, or perhaps even the Mayans. But we rarely venture deeper into the awe inspiring world of the ancient South American cultures – a world so rich and teeming with wondrous, vivid peoples, like the Timoto-Cuica towards the east of the continent in part of what is now Venezuela.

Today we'll take a glimpse into the very heart of South America, exploring one of the enigmatic cultures that thrived and expanded in times before the European discoveries. What follows is a tale of a lost nation, brought to life – a result of painstaking research and striking ancient connections. This is a story of the ancient peoples of the Venezuelan Andes. This is a story about the Timoto-Cuica.

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