This Grandmother May Have Found Shakespeare's Ring

In recent years, metal detectorists have made many exciting discoveries in the United Kingdom . Most recently a retired postal worker in England who is a detectorist believes that she has made a potentially historic discovery. She believes that she found a ring that could have belonged to William Shakespeare, perhaps the greatest poet and dramatist in the English language.

Wherefore art thou?
Sue Kilvert (66) has been an avid detectorist for the past five years. She is a retired postal worker and a grandmother who spends much of her free time looking for treasure with her metal detector. Sue made the find near Shakespeare Hall in Rowington, Warwickshire.

This Tudor-era building was once owned by the family of the great writer, William Shakespeare. Ms. Kilvert told the Metro that, “I had been digging up nothing but rubbish all day when a fellow detector suggested I try the fields around the Tudor hall”.

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