At Archaeological Dig, Family Finds Ancient Hammer, Nails

A family uncovered an ancient iron hammer and nails during a community dig at an archaeological site in Israel.

The discovery was made during an excavation at the site of Usha, a settlement near Kiryat Ata, in the northern part of the country.

Dating back to the Byzantine period, about 1,400 years ago, the hammer and nails were found near slag leftover from iron production.

“About 20 iron hammers are registered in the Israel Antiquities Authority records, only six of them from the Byzantine period,” said Yair Amitzur and Eyad Bisharat, who directed the excavation on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, in a statement. “We already knew that the Usha settlers extensively manufactured glass vessels, since we found many wine glasses and glass lamps together with glass lumps that were the raw material; the discovery of the hammer, the nails and the adjacent iron slag teaches us that they also produced iron tools at the site.”

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