How 'Greyhound' Producers Stayed True to History

How 'Greyhound' Producers Stayed True to History
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Tom Cutler: Greyhound is based on the C. S. Forester novel The Good Shepherd. And a lot of time in that novel is spent inside Commander Krause’s head, where he’s doing mental calculations involving the relative motions of the convoy ships. Were you able to convey what’s going on in his mind and how he’s dealing with these challenges?

Aaron Schneider: That’s a really interesting question, because one of the biggest challenges in adapting the book, for Tom Hanks, who plays Krause, and eventually for me as the director, was there is a lot of tactical drama, a lot of planning and sifting through options and ideas and scenarios, in Krause’s head, and, of course, the novel gives a peek into that pretty easily. After I came on board, Tom Hanks and I would have discussions about that to make sure we found a way to let the audience know what those scenarios were so we could create drama. We worked pretty hard on that, and we used people like the officer of the deck and his buddy Charlie down in the CIC [combat information center] as kind of a sounding board when it’s time for certain options and decision-making.

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