'Gone With the Wind' Star de Havilland Dies at 104

Olivia de Havilland, one of the last remaining actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age, two-time Oscar winner and star of “Gone With the Wind,” has died in Paris, her publicist confirmed. She was 104.
Havilland died peacefully of natural causes, said New York-based publicist Lisa Goldberg.

The long-lived actress, who had a famously tempestuous relationship with her sister Joan Fontaine, mounted a lawsuit against the producers of the 2017 series “Feud” over her portrayal by Catherine Zeta-Jones. She argued that producers did not have her approval over her depiction and that the show damaged her “professional reputation for integrity, honesty, generosity, self-sacrifice and dignity.” The case was rejected by California’s high court in July 2018, but she vowed to take it to the Supreme Court.

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