Demjanjuk: War Criminal or Victim of Circumstance?

On July 29, 1993, Ukrainian-American retired auto worker, John Demjanjuk, was finally acquitted by the Supreme Court of Israel and was a free man. Or was he?

Digging Deeper
The long sad story began when Demjanjuk was born in the Ukraine in 1920. Life was normal (which in the 1930’s Ukraine was starvation during Stalin’s famine) until World War II when he was drafted into the Red Army (Soviet). Captured by the Germans, he finished the war as a POW under horrible conditions.

This moment is where the story hit’s a snag. According to Nazi hunters, Demjanjuk served as a “death camp” guard known as “Ivan the Terrible” at Treblinka. Ivan the Terrible was known as a brutal guard that engaged in murder and mistreatment of prisoners, taking sadistic pleasure in acts of savage cruelty.

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