Did Marilyn Monroe Really Kill Herself?

Did Marilyn Monroe Really Kill Herself?
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There is no doubt that Monroe had been depressed.

She had always struggled against the demands of her stardom and she relied on a regimen of psychiatric treatment and drugs to help her cope. She had recently been fired for constant lateness from her latest film for 10th Century Fox, and her many marriages—her high-profile husbands included baseball legend Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller—had all ended in divorce.

She told Lawford drowsily,
"Say goodbye to the president "

On the evening of August 4 1962, Marilyn Monroe telephoned Peter Lawford, the British actor who was also the husband of John F Kennedy's sister, Pat. Monroe's voice was strangely slurred, and she ended their conversation ominously. "Say goodbye to Pat," she told Lawford drowsily. "Say goodbye to the president and say goodbye to yourself because you're a nice guy."

Hours later, the most enduring sex symbol ever to grace the American screen was found dead in her Los Angeles mansion, her graceful body lying face down and naked on her bed.

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