Roman Artifact Found in Serbia Stolen

A recently excavated ancient Serbian Roman artifact, a stone slab covered with engraved Latin text, has been stolen only 24 hours after it was discovered. The rare Roman artifact was discovered on Friday, July 10, 2020, during road construction works leading to the Vinča landfill site. According to a report on Archaeology News Network one of the road workers informed the National Museum in Belgrade about the remarkable finding, however, when a museum archaeologist arrived at the site the next morning the Serbian Roman artifact had vanished without a trace.

Serbian Roman Artifact and The Lost Life Of A Roman Official
The museum archaeologists knew the Serbian Roman artifact was part of a marble monument dating to the 2nd century AD and that one side on the artifact depicted two feet wearing sandals that were part of a previous sculpture. The other side, however, was inscribed with 15 lines of Latin text describing in detail the life and times of a high-ranking Roman military official who, according to the National Museum in Belgrade, “led various military detachments against the Dacians and served in three legions.”

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