The One That Got Away: Hijacker D.B. Cooper Never Found

On November 24, 1971, a man dubbed D.B. Cooper hijacked Northwest Orient Flight 305, heading from Portland to Seattle. After getting his ransom money, he parachuted into the cold, windy night. Although the FBI devoted massive efforts to the Northwest Hijacking (NORJAK), the mystery man evaded capture. Consequently, Cooper cemented his place in the chronicles of crime as a celebrated outlaw and the mastermind behind the only unsolved U.S. skyjacking.

Passenger in Seat 18C
The distinguished man sat alone in seat 18C on the Boeing 727 when he ordered a bourbon-soda a few minutes before take-off. As flight attendants later described him, he was a polite, chain-smoking, 40-ish gentleman. He stood at about 5′ 10 to 6′ 0″ tall with a thin build. His outfit included sunglasses and a tailored business suit, complete with a tie clip, which gave him an air of professionalism.

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